Video: Plot of smuggling Maharashtra oxygen tankers to Gujarat revealed

Nagpur: While India battles acute oxygen shortage, Maharashtra is certainly worst effected. To fill the paucity of oxygen crises, Maharashtra has been seeking oxygen supply from nearby states. However, in the process a ghastly incident came to fore. A plot of smuggling oxygen supply of Maharashtra to Gujarat was revealed on Friday.

Four tankers carrying medical oxygen were coming to Nagpur from Bhilai. However, it came to fore that these tankers were secretly headed towards Gujarat.

On May 5, two oxygen tankers were intercepted at Deori border in Gondia district, while on May 6, two tankers were intercepted between Aurangabad and Jalna. Now all the four oxygen tankers have been seized by the Nagpur Administration.

Along with Maharashtra, Gujarat has also been hit hard by the second wave of novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). This has led to a shortage of medical oxygen there as well. However, the question arises as on whose directions the oxygen allotted to Maharashtra was smuggled to Gujarat.