Published On : Sat, Apr 5th, 2014

Video of cop thrashing elderly woman goes viral on social media; CP suspends ASI Wankhede


Nagpur News.

A video showing a policeman beating an elderly homeless woman on a busy city street have been going viral over social media since Friday and eventually led to the suspension of the cop in question on Saturday. The shocking footage showed Prakash Wankhede, assistant sub-inspector at Gittikhadan police station ruthlessly doling out blows and kicks to an aged homeless woman who was sitting under a tree by the road side.

A friends’ group on Whatsapp, named Purani Jeans comprising over 40 people received this video and within no time the footage went viral over Whatsapp and Facebook profiles. Rajat Gawarle, one of the members of Purani Jeans was so shocked by this video that he approached the city police commissioner KK Pathak along with few of his friends. However, the video had already landed at CP office by them. Pathak assured them of stricter action against the ruthless cop. Following his words  Pathak ordered suspension of the Assistant Sub-inspector Prakash Wankhede of police station.

Talking to Nagpur Today, Rajat said, “We received this video from a link on Whatsapp and since then it has been circulating among our group. Finally, we decided it was time to act and let the police chief know of this policeman’s attitude. We met one Shriniwasan at the CP’s office, who led us to Mr. Pathak. By the time we showed the video to the commissioner, he had already seen that and was contemplating action against Wankhede.”

ASI Wankhede was to retire in December. The video was filmed by an observer on Rajbhavan Road near Balsadan, Katol Naka Square, on Friday afternoon. It showed how ruthlessly Wankhede thrashed the beggar woman and abused her in full public view.

“Any person violating the laws will be punished and Wankhede has violated the laws.” said Pathak.

Police informed that Wankhede was deployed for CR (Control Room) Mobile duty and the control room has spread the message about some beggar disturbing people and traffic at Katol Naka Square. Wankhede while on duty found a beggar woman sitting under the tree and started questioning her.

It can be clearly seen in the video that the beggar woman was sitting under the tree and was not causing any hindrance in the traffic.

The video filmed for few minutes shows that Wankhede asked the woman and started abusing her. While she was pleading before him, Wankhede started beating her badly. He slapped and kicked her and was pulling her hairs in full public view.

On questioning Wankhede about losing his temper, he told Pathak that the beggar has spitted on him.

“Though Wankhede is very experienced and has completed 37 years of service but it’s clearly seen in the video how he has badly beaten the woman. Wankhede claimed that the woman has spit on his face and thus he got angry,” told Pathak.

Though the video was spread all over the city in the last 24 hours, action was taken after Advocate Smita Sarode Singalkar wrote a written application to Pathak to suspend the officer and also sent the video film. Meanwhile, the person who has filmed the video is not yet identified.