Published On : Mon, Nov 2nd, 2020

Video: No traffic cops in sight, commuters handle snarls at Shantinagar!!

Nagpur: Road constructions at snail’s speed, erratically driven vehicles and no sight of traffic cops leading to nagging traffic jams in Shantinagar. Be it morning or night, one can easily see everlasting traffic jams on the road at Itwari Railway Station stretch, putting commuters in fix on a daily basis. Despite continued complaints, the plight of the locals is left unheard by the Administration. Fed up with the chaos, finally citizens themselves took up the job and started guiding the vehicular traffic in the area.

The vehicle owners criss-crossing this junction often find themselves in a spot as jams bring traffic to halt. As the Itwari Railway Station is situated very close to the spot, often a situation erupts where commuters in a hurry get stuck at the traffic mess.

The unruly auto-rickshaws add more problems to the chaos. The ongoing construction of one side of the road from Shantinagar to Itwari Railway Station pushed the citizens on the edge. The state of the chaotic situation persists on a daily basis, as no traffic cop is to be seen any time at the dubious stretch.

When Nagpur Today contacted Zonal Deputy Commissioner of Police, Lohit Matani, he was himself at the spot, reviewing the problem. He assured immediate action to make the traffic jam-free.