Video: BJP physically challenged leader Chaudhary brutally attacked today allegedly by MLC Fukey bouncers

Nagpur: Ghanashyam Choudhary, is a BJP worker/ leader who has come up in life the hard way. Who still lives in his old house in one of Nagpur’s well known ‘bastis’ on Ambazari hill top called ‘Pandhrabodi’. Who is physically challenged after he had polio in his childhood. Despite all these handicaps he had risen to the city’s top echelons of BJP. He was made V.P. of the city unit some years ago. (And later removed from the post too.)

Today he was mercilessly beaten up by almost 90 ‘bouncers’ who suddenly pounced upon him near the Ambazari hill top T point, pulled him out of his car, an Indica, and beat him up all over. He has been admitted to the Dande hospital and is said to be critically hurt with a lot of internal injuries.

As he says in the video, they bashed his face, they stamped on his stomach and chest and they bashed him with their fists. All the time they were yelling at him saying ” Tu ne kisse panga le liya? Janta hai woh ————- kaun hai?”

(Parinay Fuke’s wife was contesting elections from his Prabhag since Fuke is an MLC now. Parinay Fuke has been two time Corporator contesting independently once and on BJP ticket the second time. Chaudhary who was also in BJP had proved that Fukey had enrolled over 1000 ‘bogus voters’ in Nagpur to tilt results in his favour. All these names had subsequently been struck from voters’ lists.)

It is said that Chaudhary worked against Fukey’s wife,distributing pamphlets against the couple. Chaudhary’s friends who were with him today when he was attacked refuse this allegation.

Hemraj Gajbhiye (who says he is an RSS worker) and Bhau Waghade ( of Shiv Sena) were with him and Hemraj says “Chaudhary neither canvassed for Fukey nor opposed her.”

There is intense anger among young workers and residents of Pandhrabodi about attack on Chaudhary.

They say that since Fukey became MLC he has become very high handed and he forced tickets to be given to his henchmen and his family members who were not popular with people.

A woman of the area, Meenakshi ( name changed for her protection) whose family is all with BJP, says there was unprecedented security in the whole area since morning, as if this attack was anticipated. People could not move around freely. Yet she wonders how this brutal attack could be made and was not thwarted by the police?

But as Ghanashyam says in this video exclusive to NT, if the police hadn’t arrived in time, he would not have survived. The aim was to murder him.
This is a sad end to a day which was already disappointing on many counts.

Is this what democracy is coming to in Maharashtra’s second capital – the city of the C.M.??