Published On : Wed, Sep 28th, 2016

Vidarbha activists burn ‘Nagpur Pact’ at Samvidhan Square


Nagpur: Exactly 63 years ago on this day, September 28, 1953, The Nagpur Pact was signed. The Pact assured equitable development of all the regions of the proposed Sanyukta (United) Maharashtra. It was mandatory for Sanyukta Maharashtra Government to follow the 11 conditions mentioned in the Pact. But unfortunately, the conditions were never fulfilled is the charge of supporters of Vidarbha State since years. Hence the tradition of burning of “Nagpur Pact” in every Vidarbha agitation continued year after year. And to stick to the tradition, Holi of this Pact was burned on Wednesday the September 28.

The Vidarbha Rajya Aghadi, formed by staunch supporter of separate state and former Advocate General Shrihari Aney, and other organizations jointly torched the copies of Nagpur Pact at Samvidhan Chowk (RBI Square). The protesters raised slogans against State Government charging it of violating the conditions of the Pact.

The activists again raised their demand for formation of separate Vidarbha State. Participating in the agitation, senior social activist Umesh Chaube said the Nagpur Pact was a “game plan” on the part of the then shrewd politicians. “The Pact was vehemently opposed. The conditions included in the Pact were ‘criminally’ violated.


Vidarbha was always the victim of politics of power. The present government too has betrayed the people of Vidarbha. This betrayal will neither be forgotten nor forgiven. No present political party will give you the separate Vidarbha. The people will have to take it on their own. It is time people came out of their houses and voiced their demand vociferously,” Chaube roared.

The copies of Nagpur Pact were also burned in other parts of Vidarbha.


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