Vaccination at Mayo, Gandhi Nagar goes for toss as people wait in frustration for 6 hours

Pic courtesy : Parag Bagde

Nagpur: In a sheer apathy of government run vaccination facility at Indira Gandhi Rugnalaya at Gandhi Nagar, the people who lined up at the centre Friday morning are left in lurch with non-ending wait for Covid vaccination. The people have reached the centre as early as 6 am but neither the vaccination drive was started till 11.30 am nor there was any authority or staff at the centre to update them on whether they would start innoculation or the drive was put on hold. After long wait for 5-6 hours the vaccination was started. However only 20 vials reached at the centre which can be administered to only 200 people. At least 10 people can be innoculated with single vial.

Quite a chaos was witnessed at Indira Gandhi Rugnalaya as people were seen helplessly checking out with no information. As the day progressed the crowd kept increasing but the vaccination could not be started before 11.30 am.

However Nagpur Today has learnt that the vaccine doses were running short and even went out of stock at most of the vaccination centers. “There has been no doses at few facilities for the last three days but the irony is that people are not being informed about the same and they are left to keep waiting for hours with no result in sight,” said a source.

A man at the centre told NT, “I am here since 6 am in the morning but still we are clueless on the vaccine. We are hearing that the vaccine doses are off stock but there is no official information as such. There is not even any information board at the facility, so that we can get update. Why are we left to wait for hours when they are not even going to start.”

Finally the staff opened up vaccination exercise by 11.30 am with limited stock.

Meanwhile, Nagpur Today tried connecting Mayo authorities but could not be contacted despite repeated attempts.