Published On : Sun, Sep 18th, 2016

Urban and rural populace breathing poisonous and polluted air from thermal power plants

Nagpur: While the thermal power generated is way lower than expected, the poor quality coal used for thermal power generation is causing pollution to the rural and urban populace. The pollution is affecting the health as well as the crops grown by farmers.

The pollution caused in a radius of 4-5 kilometers of Khaperkheda-Koradi Thermal Power plants because of the use of poor quality coals is on the rise. The fine coal dust and the thick smoke rise from the chimneys and is said to be settling over an area of 4-5 kilometers in the vicinity of Khaperkheda-Koradi Thermal Power Plant. This fine dust is said to be hot when emitted from the chimneys and when it comes down is inhaled along with oxygen by the populace living in and around the premises.

This fine dust affects the health of children and elderly adversely.

According to some technical employees of the MAHAGENCO (power generation department), the project can use any time of equipment costing crores worth of rupees, but the thermal power is going to be generated using coal only. Sources alleged that due to some irregularities or embezzlement in the purchase of coal has resulted in MAHAGENCO buying either poor quality coal of black stones instead of coal. This has also resulted in lower generation of power than is expected. Sources also claimed that a huge quantity of inflammable material/liquid is used to ignite this poor quality coal. This heavy use of inflammable material is said to be contributing towards heavy pollution. The pollution in the vicinity of Khaperkheda-Koradi Thermal Power Plants has increased to such levels like that of Chandrapur. Similar to Chandrapur, one never realizes when the sun has set. Nagpur Today noticed how the area looks like early in the morning on September 17, 2016.

Sources claimed that some weird climatic condition prevails in the vicinity which causes rains or drizzling at any time. One learned person claimed that when hot air that goes up gets cooled in the sky and falls down in the form of water droplets, which is why the people of the area in the vicinity Khaperkheda-Koradi Thermal Power Plant witness drizzling.

On the other hand the polluted air is causing breathing problems among many citizens. The crops too are experiencing untimely end because of the pollution.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )