Published On : Wed, Dec 31st, 2014

Upcoming exams play spoil sport for city medicos who will be unable to celebrate New Year’s party

Most resolve to study well this year.

Nagpur: As the final day of 2014 is coming to an end, most feel slightly nostalgic over the year passing. Though nothing significant has happened, on 2014, it was like every year and has seen people grow and change from one maturity to other. 2015 is fast approaching, and the thought of starting a new calendar and a new year – a fresh start – often makes people want to change and improve. New Year, New You! Resolutions are infamous for being broken. It’s easy to start the year with huge hopes and goals, but it’s hard to follow through on them after the initial excitement of a new year has passed on.

When one is writing or thinking up on New Year’s Resolutions, one has to keep it realistic. One should not set themselves up for failure! One should plan out small things that you can slowly change to change your habits and your lifestyle. One should not forget that New Year isn’t the only time one can start making changes and resolutions!

Nagpur Today spoke to a few Medicos from the Medical Colleges of the city:

Seema Mukundannaware a second year MBBS student of IGMC claimed that she is celebrating the New Year’s Eve with books as exams are going on. I will just visit my nearby temple to seek God’s blessings. I usually don’t believe in resolutions, since I hardly follow them. I just wish that the entire year passes by happily, scoring satisfactory grades.

Shriya Jain a third year BDS student said that she is celebrating December 31, 2014 with her hostel mates by playing their own music tracks in their laptops and eating delicacies ordered from a nearby restaurant. She claimed that they don’t get permission from the warden to go for clubbing, so they turn their hostel rooms into club. This is the trend of celebrating the New Year in hostel, and they all enjoy it.

Abhiram Mundle a final year MBBS student and a partyholic claimed that he always finds reasons to party. Every year he goes to the most happening club of the town with friends and welcomes the New Year with great enthusiasm. This year he is very disappointed since the exams are going on, but once exams get over, he will definitely party, he claimed. He claimed that this year he has made a resolution to study more this year.

Nitin Agrawal a second year MBBS student says that this year, he will not be able to party since exams is round the corner. This is the second consecutive year when he is not able to celebrate because of the examinations. He will plan out something after exams, he added. However, he said that he misses his hometown friends and the fun they had in the high school. Studying is the only hard core option left for his on the New Year’s Eve, he claimed.

Hrishiksh Ghogade a medical student of one of the city Medical Colleges claimed that fortunately he is spared from the torture of the examinations and has no interest in celebrating the New Year’s Eve. He will go to the temple and seek God’s graces. I will spend it like any other normal day. No excitement for me and need to maintain peace because my buddies are having exams.

Tausif Ahmad a second year MBBS student opined that for now celebrations have been postponed. I am waiting for exams to get over, and then I will head to Goa and party all day. I am looking forward to work out every day in the New Year.

Lalkar Gadod a second year MBBS student claimed that last year they had a blast during the New Year’s Eve. They had organized Wine, Dine and Rain dance at hostel. This time exams have spoiled the fun this time. Irrespective of exams I will have small cake celebration with the family. Exam’s fear is giving the kick start to my year.

Tausif Ahmad a final year student says that when everyone is enjoying parting and I spend my day in an unusual way. I visit the orphanage and party with the kids. I feel the best with them and always start my year this way. I visit the temple to seek God’s blessings.

Mehrosh khan a second year student claimed that she is missing home badly. The exams have postponed my visit to home. I love to celebrate my new year with my loved ones. I will pray to God for everyone at hostel. My humble request to god this year is to make her pass by flying colors.

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