Published On : Wed, Dec 31st, 2014

DJs play up their soft views for rocking New Year Celebration


Cover DJ Zia Top DJ of Nagpur



Between the scintillating notes and dazzling dance beats rocking the party music and rising up the celebration meter, there lies the hands rolling out the elevating numbers for you. These taskmasters dishing out the peppy mixed numbers for you to groove on the dance floors are none other than your favourite DJs. It is the DJ who livens the party and plays music according to the mood and temperament of the crowd.

Nagpur Today spoke to a few Disc Jockeys (DJs) and asked them about thehappening beats which they played full throttle to herald the New Year.

Their responses were interesting


DJ Jabs

DJ Jabs

I’m a DJ for the Janata, being so is my motto. I like to play the best of the commercial music, and what everyone loves to listen, which is mostly Bollywood, EDM & BDM. I’m playing for a Brand New Club in Raipur, ‘The Music Café’ at its opening, the launching of which as well will be done by me. I am totally dependent on my crowd for what al l tracks I’ll be playing. I have 2-3 hip hop tracks, new and unreleased, especially for NYE, music with fast tempo, etc. in reserve for them!!

Dress Code:
I’ll be in my formals, a dark Blue Denim Jeans, a printed shirt, formal sneakers, so wardrobe will not say much but my music will!!

His message to the youth
In his message for the youth he asked them to enjoy clean party, avoid drugs, enjoy booze, but within their limits, so that these special moments aren’t ruined. He added, “Please go home safe and enjoy the first day with your family thereafter. Don’t demand much. Whatever you get, enjoy life in that, and you’ll have a blast!!”

His Resolutions
He plans to take up a unique resolution of breaking the chain of saying that one person cannot be into multiple professions! He wants to defeat the saying- ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’, and be a ‘Master of all’! He added, “At the same time I’ll enjoy my journey in process of doing so….”


DJ Benny

DJ Benny


Benny said “I’m not looking for anything specific in terms of theme beat tonight. However, my music would emphasize more upon the progressive and Bootlegs and of course its Nagpur, I can’t miss Bollywood. I will play tracks produced by my favourite DJs, Sick individuals and DJ Chetas. About the celebration mood of New Year’s Eve, he added, “My collection of music has always been incredibly appreciated and I will give my 100% to entertain people as enjoyment is my main motive… People make us; we are nothing without them! I will play all the dance numbers on which they like to groove. And by the end of the party, last session will be of psychedelic music!!”  “We have a lot of offers on food and drinks that will be revealed after mid night, special free drinks for best dancing couple, etc. There are surprises for people!

His Dress Code
Dressing is always my second priority so I didn’t decide as yet. I will wear something which is sober and comfortable. That’s what my favourite attire is! Blue Denim Jeans with a T-Shirt and an overcoat makes me feel comfortable.”

His advice:
While in the wave of DJ music and lyrics, what he suggests to those Nagpurians who have all the plans to drink late night, after which they shall be driving, he said…

“I would just suggest them to get a driver or hire a taxi since I am a true supporter of DONT DRINK AND DRIVE!

“Youth represent Clubbing and night life. So, it’s in the hands of youth of Nagpur that how they represent it. When youth will party responsibly they will set an example for everyone.”

His New Year Resolutions:
As a DJ and party person, “My only resolution is to party and keep partying… Party should never stop, crowd should never stop and this feeling should never stop…”

Message to Nagpurites.
“First of all my gratitude to Nagpurites for their love and support and please party safe, drive safe, respect women and don’t stop to partying. Wish you all a prosperous Happy New Year.”


DJ Sharry

DJ Sharry

DJ Sharry who was a famous DJ in town since past almost 10 years, is now into event management. So we expected him to be on his toes arranging an event for New Year’s Eve. But for our surprise, this time Sharry has taken his time off, and rather preferred to enjoy the Eve with family and friends at Gondwana Club. However, he passed on a special message to Nagpur DJs saying, “Best luck to all, keep partying! Don’t just play EDM, EDM and only EDM, rather play a mix of all, for an incredible party flow.”

Also, he passed on a word for the city party goers, “Party hard Nagpur people!” When asked about his future plans, he added, “I want to come up with the biggest event in Nagpur very soon! Since 10-12 years now, I was making people party, this year I thought I myself will enjoy without any responsibilities in hand, might be because I have something really big for Nagpur in near future.

DJ VAIBSwho also has changed his track from DJing to Event Management said,“I will be managing the event ‘Wonderland 2k15’. I want Nagpur to be full with good party crowd and best of parties, hence my firm is all set to do 3 big arenas in future. I intend to serve the society with best parties. Party hard and safe, be safe!”

DJ Vaibs TOP DJ in Nagpur

DJ Vaibs


Today is the day of celebrations and I’ll be playing at Celebrations Sports Club, Lokhandwala in Mumbai. I really love to play EDM in hard styles, like Hardwell and Tiesto! By mixing commercial track with progressive, makes my music more enjoyable. There’s a track called ‘yeke yeke’, which is one of my favourites. It a surprise, with Blackberry! Its winter, so I would prefer to play indo western.

Her Dress code
“With Leather Harems, crop top and bandana!”

A suggestion..

I’ll suggest my Nagpur people to have fun, with safety! Do drink but before drinking just keep in mind that it’s the New Year’s Eve, a beginning for you and your family. Don’t let this celebration time turn into anything tragic!

DJ Zia

DJ Zia

A message for Nagpur youth…

“I’ll be happy if everybody works in unity. So please accept my message, work like all of us are one! (It’s a track too)”

Her New Years Resolution…
This Year I wish to make all the Nagpurians even more proud of me, by being one of the top-most DJs even outside Nagpur! And for this, I’m all set to work hard, play hard (again it’s a track)!

Take Care of yourselves and each other as well!

This one plays with the beats like his favourite game. He is playing for ‘Electric SKY’!

DJ Tanishq

DJ Tanishq


His Genre…
There are many beats that I play, Bigroom Beats along with some Progressive Tunes to be specific, in order to keep my crowd pumped up .
I have a mesmerizing tracks set for New Year’s Eve, a unique dose of music I shall give. I’ll be playing some of my unreleased tunes as well.
Apart from My musical set, I have some visuals planned with the music, which is based on the type of music, to electrify the night.

His Attire…
I like to dress classy and a lil funky sometimes, in order to match the aura of partying. I’ll be carrying funky attire.

His Suggestion for Party Goers…
For safe partying, Nagpurians should be aware of correct and apt places of partying, where they shall be able to get accommodation post partying, so that they need not drive after getting drunk.
I myself am a young lad. Inspite of being in the field of entertainment, I never booze. So I would suggest youngsters to enjoy the music always, rather than boozing.

His Resolution…
My new year’s resolution is to change people’s taste of music from Bollywood to some EDM. Nagpur is my love. I thank people here for their love and support!

A group of two, Yugesh Madhwani & Vishnu Harchandani , who have gained love and support from Nagpurites in a short period of time. Let’s see what these newbies have to say..

“We are playing at Tuli International Royal Court Electric Sky, and our genre would be mostly EDM, Trap, Dubstep and Trance, with ample more fresh tracks!

Surprise element would be a countdown type mashup that we have planned, and this time we’ll be complimenting the music with perfect visuals. MC Noyzee will be accompanying us to hike our type of genre in the crowd, and the same time, entertain them!

Their dress code…
We will be wearing leather jacket, boot cap, personalized bands of the Unknowns with 5 colours, and funky pants!

Message for people who will be driving after partying
When asked about those Nagpurians who have plans to drink till late night and later shall be driving, they opined “It’s their own personal choice, enjoy yourselves, but at the same time be safe!

The Unknowns

The Unknowns

A message to youth…
As a DJ, we would request them to support the local artists as well, who have no less talent than anyone, so that the city gets its own caliber DJs.

Their Resolution…

By far within a year, we are fortunate enough to gain love and support of the party goers as being among the best DJs in town, so for us, this year’s resolution would be to improve and work towards our goal even more vigorously.

A message to my Nagpur people


DJ Montz

DJ Montz

DJ MONTZ, who has his DJ wings spread till Dubai recently shared his views about the New Year’s Eve saying, “Abhi toh party shuru hui hai! People here are pretty much in a mood to party! Since past six months, Nagpur parties have taken an incredible uptrend with ample gala events, inspite of the organizers facing ups and downs. So I really look forward to a good show all around Nagpur this NYE!

This time I would be playing a fusion of Desi and EDM tunes in Dubai.”

His suggestion

“DJs work hard to make the crowd go crazy on their tunes, so my only suggestion would be that do enjoy your night to the fullest, drink in limits, home safe and sound! Also, respect girls and your family.

Nagpur is the best, Nagpurians are the best, we are the future guys, so keep rocking people!”

DJ Ette Kiran, a renowned city has high spirits, and she got candid saying, “I had a flight which got cancelled because of fog at Delhi, but this won’t let my spirit down. I’ll rather party and cheer up other Djs from the city who have always cared for me.

DJ Zia Top DJs in Nagpur

DJ Ette Kiran

Her Genre

I love everything played and produced by afrojack, that’s what is regular in all my sets of music.

For me every party is celebration so today isn’t anything different from my other parties but still tonight tracks like waiting for tonight and final countdown would surely be in my set.

Her Message

Never mix drive and drink rather spread love and wink ;)! Party hard but don’t make your parents worry about you.

Her dress code

I’m planning to wear something in black from her exclusive collection of Gucci and Versace.


–Ritu Walia