Umred woman foils bid to force her into prostitution, cops go easy

kidnapping in nagpur

Nagpur: A lady pimp reportedly tried to drag an innocent woman from Umred into prostitution by getting her abducted on the pretext of returning her money. She was reportedly called at an isolated spot where she was being forcefully dragged towards a farm house by two men. However timely intervention by street vendors saved the woman who later rushed to police station for help.

MIDC police have lodged an FIR under sections 294, 506, 323, 106 and 34 of IPC against the accused woman and her two male accomplices who were reportedly at large. However, some of the sections under which the accused should be booked have not been included.

Similar profession brought closer

Narrating the harrowing experience to Nagpur Today, the survivor said that she worked as a beautician and often provide make-up services for bride and other guests at wedding events. During one such event, she met the alleged accused woman identified as Nidhi Agrawal alias Nidhi Chaudhari alias Nidhi Kataria. The survivor, a resident of Umred, has a relative who lives close to the accused woman’s place. She would often visit her relative’s house where she happened to meet the accused woman who soon gelled up with the survivor. The accused is said to be in the job of packing return gifts to be given during marriages to the family members of bride and groom.

The Money Matter

One day, the accused called the victim and told her about a prospective client looking for make up artist for an upcoming marriage. The marriage was slated to be held in the month of January 2019. The survivor agreed to take up the work and had met the client’s family and the bride-to-be. The victim had suggested that instead of the usual Aher (return gifts given by bride’s family to the bridegroom’s family) the family member can be given some other useful products. The bride’s family later approved the idea and the total expenses of the gifts were pegged at Rs.1.5 lakh. When she conveyed the concept to the accused, the accused woman said that she needed some advance money. The hapless victim who never suspected of any foul play, handed over Rs. 75,000 to the accused. She had assumed that she would collect the total amount from the bride’s family along with her charges of bridal beautification work.

Accused duped survivor

However, despite repeated calls from the victim, the accused never responded. The day of the marriage had arrived and she had to cut a very sorry figure in front of the bride’s family. However, she had explained her plight and had informed the bride’s family about her giving an advance of Rs 75000 too. Somehow, the bride’s family made last minute arrangements and given the Aher. The marriage went off smoothly. The victim has been regularly calling the accused but got no response. Finally, the accused called the victim and had told her that she would be coming to Nagpur on May 4, 2019. Again the victim called the accused on May 4, 2019 but got no response. The victim then received a call on May 6, 2019, when the accused asked the victim to come to Mahanand Milk Dairy.

The Failed Attempt

The victim reached the spot where two men were waiting for her in a car. After getting confirmation from her that she had come to meet Nidhi Chaudhari, the two men said that she should accompany them to a farm house. The men went on to say that Nidhi has asked her to accompany them. Then they went on to say that she would be paid much more than the amount due to her if she satisfies their lust. That way she would get her money (dues owed by Nidhi) and get an extra sum too. However, she refused and was trying to leave the spot when the two men assaulted her and tried to drag her into the car. However when she screamed for help , a puncture shop owner and a street vendor rushed to her rescue, while the two men fled from the spot.

No one arrested yet!

The victim then went to MIDC police station lodge a complaint against the accused woman and the two men she had sent to lure her into prostitution. The victim told Nagpur Today that when the In-Charge Police Inspector called the accused to the police station, she had spoken arrogantly with him and told him to speak to her lawyer. It is two day passed the incident and the cops have not managed to apprehend anyone as yet.

By Shubham Nagdeve