Published On : Tue, Nov 5th, 2013

UGC revokes decision on 21,000 candidates

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The University Grants Commission (UGC), in a crucial move, has revoked its own decision holding 21,000 candidates ineligible for erasing and then correcting their answers by hand during the June NET Examination. The 21,000 candidates had resorted to changing and correcting their answers by erasing or using shining ink during the NET Examination in June 2013. The UGC had held the candidates ineligible for indulging in wrong procedure to correct or change their answers.

The 21,000 candidates had strongly protested the UGC decision holding them ineligible for the NET. The strong protest forced the UGC to revoke its own decision and provide the much needed relief to the candidates. The UGC will now deduct the marks of the erased or corrected answers and declare the results accordingly. However, the UGC has warned that the candidates would be held ineligible if the answers are erased or changed by utilizing the shining ink in future.

According to a statement issued by the UGC, the revoking of the decision was done after considering the large number of candidates and no specific mention of the ineligibility in the rules and regulations of the examination.