Published On : Tue, Aug 16th, 2016

Two poachers arrested – was Jai their victim?

tigers of Umred karhndala (2)

Tiger Jai

Jai, the 250 Kgs huge and big superstar of the jungles around Nagpur has been missing for 120 days now. He is 7 years old – so considered still in his prime. Much bigger than the average Bengal Tiger, Jai has sired the maximum number of offspring from different ‘mates’ in different forests of Central India, adding to the folklore about him.

More than 100 Foresters have been looking for him in Maharashtra and forest officers from neighboring Madhya Pradesh and A.P./ Telengana have been alert too, but there has been no definitive sighting or positive news so far. Even many NGOs had joined the search and there were even touching scenes of special ‘pujas’ being held to pray for his safety!

Now there is disturbing news that two poaching ‘suspects’ Kisan Istari Samarth and Madhukar Muralidhar Hatwar were arrested at 6 p.m. today from Kodurli near Paoni in Bhandara dsitrict by the Special Investigating team that was deployed to search Jai.

Forest officers are apprehensive that Jai was the target they were seeking and they could have very well succeeded.
Is this how the suspense around Jai’s disappearance is going to end? With news of his demise, that too at the hands of cruel poachers?

If this news is confirmed it will break many hearts – and we are not talking about just canine/ tigeresses’ hearts here.