Published On : Tue, Aug 16th, 2016

Candidates seeking admissions into ITI Lathi charged

Three female candidates who incurred injuries in Lathi charge were rushed to GMCH

Lathi charged at Government ITI
: In an unprecedented act, when a very large number of candidates turned up for admissions into Government Industrial Institute, Nagpur and when the unruly candidates could not be controlled, the cops from Dhantoli Police Station who were requested by the ITI Lathi charged the candidates. Three female candidates who incurred injuries in the Lathi charge were rushed to Government Medical College and Hospital.

While speaking exclusively with Nagpur Today, Vice Principal of Government ITI Krishna Kumar Lanjewar said that they had not expected such a huge turn-out of candidates seeking admissions. The large number of candidates became unmanageable. They have been working from 7 am and till the time of filing the story; they were continuing the work of screening the applications.

He said that more than 3000-4000 candidates had turned up while there are only 148 seats.  He claimed that the pushing and pulling crowd had caused even himself to fall down and a two-wheeler had fallen on him. He claimed that the SMS clearly mentioned that they have to go to the nearest ITI (which exists in Kuhi, Kalmeshwar, Wardha etc), but the candidates have all chosen to come to Government ITI in Nagpur city.

Lathi charged at Government ITI
Since the admissions were done on first-come first basis, they issued tokens (in a separate queue. These candidates then had to go to another counter for getting their on-line registrations done. A merit list was generated at around 3 pm. This was a clear transparent method of admission process. Lanjewar claimed that it takes at least half an hour for the screening of each student. Once the student enters the main admission hall, there is a counseling session conducted for the student, where the candidates  is asked of his preference of trade and if there is a vacancy in that trade, the student is admitted.

He added that at around 12:00 pm, they issued token to another group of candidates. The merit list was not yet generated.

Allegations and counter allegations galore

  • According to the candidates, it was not clear in the SMS message that they have to go to Kuhi, Kalmeshwar or to any other ITI, which led them to come to Nagpur Government ITI.
  • The police personnel of Dhantoli Police Station had a free reign and behaved in the most unruly manner. They pushed and pulled the candidates immaterial of whether the student was male or female. Many female candidates alleged that the cops had groped and fondled in the guise of controlling the crowd of candidates. Without any provocation, the policemen lathi charged the candidates. Many candidates incurred minor injuries displayed the place where they got the blows of the lathi. Female candidates shunned their shame and showed the backs where they received the lathi blows.
  • The candidates claimed that they had formed the queue right from 3 am in the morning. Some sort of mess was created so that some candidates from other sources could be accommodated.
  • A lady who runs a tea stall near the Government ITI along with two other girls was allegedly going in and out of the ITI. The candidates alleged that she was taking money to the tune of Rs 10,000/- for ensuring admissions. She kept going in with some forms and later the names of some students were called and they were allowed to enter, while the remaining candidates were made to stand outside.
  • Some girl candidates alleged that some officials who were from those candidates who were standing in the queue were demanding Rs 10,000/- for ensuring an admission.
  • The candidates alleged that those candidates who had taken videos of the lathi charge were personally lifted and dragged to the police van and made to sit inside and delete the videos of the lathi charge. The cops threatened to implicate the candidates in false cases.
  • Some major fraud or chaos was caused by the management of the Government ITI, Nagpur.
  • Candidates alleged that they have lost one full year, since the chance of getting admissions in other it is are also lost.

Lathi charged at Government ITI
Lathi charged at Government ITI
Lathi charged at Government ITI

By Samuel Gunasekharan: Pics by Roshan Rathore