Published On : Fri, May 22nd, 2020

Two months straight ‘work from home’ taking toll on employees’ personal, professional lives

Nagpur: With work from home becoming the new normal, following the nationwide lockdown imposed on March 25, almost two month stretched activity has finally started taking toll on employees’ both personal and professional lives. Apart from technical glitch, network crises, professional working at home are finding hard to sort their personal life with professionals’.

Mayuri Tayde, a graphic designer, said “Though work from home comes as a substitute for the traditional offices to keep the continuity of work. They can never be equated with the latter. Network issues, connectivity problems and other technical glitches are some of the major shortcomings.”

Namrata Rao, a school teacher, who has been taking classes through WhatsApp says, “The notes and assignments are sent to students through the same app. But I’m worried about the students and their difficulty in understanding the topics virtually.”

While disfavouring the setup, she added, “Teaching online can only make the students reach to the teachers but can’t replace schooling of all age groups.”

Indian IT industry contributes 8% to the country’s gross domestic product. Since the lockdown, the Indian IT industry has moved its workforce solely online. Since then people of the IT industry are working from their home.

Ambar Kashikar, the employee of Atos Syntel, said, ” Work from home comes with more leisure making it less productive. Sitting and working at home increases the degree of procrastination leading to mismanagement of time. Also, internet bandwidth sometimes becomes another hurdle in work.”

“When you are at home, it becomes hard to separate personal and professional life. The continuous destruction makes you lose your concentration easily and thus consuming more time to complete the same work. Also, lying on the couches instead of working on an ergonomic chair causes back pain,” said Sushmita Naware, another IT employee.

Suraj Chaudhary said, “Communication is the main ballgame of any work and online apps have made it an additional barrier to work. Sometimes, misunderstandings ensue because the employee and client are not comfortable in communicating in the same language. While sometimes disparities arise due to different cultural odds and work morals.”

Palak Shahu , a news reporter, is finding it difficult to uncover the story sitting at home. Also, she is missing the excitement and enthusiasm which she has when it comes to the ground reporting and having a face to face interaction with humanity.

– Kajal Yadav