Published On : Thu, Nov 12th, 2015

Two con men defraud doctor with over Rs 19 lakh in bank deal

Nagpur: Two con men, in a well-planned conspiracy, not only procured a cheque book from a bank in the name of a doctor but transferred a staggering Rs 19 lakh into one of their accounts through a banking transaction. Later, the two tricksters withdrew Rs 41,000 from ATM and thus duped the doctor with huge amount of money. The two youths have been booked.

According to police, the two accused fraudsters Amar Padsok and Kartik Deshmukh, first approached the Untkhana Square Branch of Axis Bank and applied for a cheque book in the name of joint account of Dr Ashish Subhan Chikhle (40), resident of Plot No. 1, Dnynaneshwar Nagar, Manewada Road.

The two accused put up bogus signature of the doctor to receive the cheque book. Once they procured the cheque book, the accused used the cheque book for transferring Rs 19 lakh from Dr Chikhle’s account into Amar Padsok’s account through RTGS Banking Transaction.

Later, one of the accused withdrew Rs 41,000 out of the Rs 19 lakh from ATM. With this fraudulent manner, the two accused tricksters cheated Dr Chikhle to the tune of huge cash. When the doctor noticed the fraud, he approached Imamwada Police and registered a case against the accused.

Acting on the complaint, Imamwada PSI Vaidya has booked the two accused fraudsters Amar Padsok and Kartik Deshmukh under Sections 420, 467, 468, 471 of IPC and mounted a thorough investigation into the case.