Two classes in one room, such is way of NMC school

Nagpur: Every school of Nagpur Municipal Corporation faces at least one unique problem while the other problem like basic facilities and dilapidated buildings remain the same. The Gokulpeth Hindi Primary School has a problem of space and this has been solved in a unique way. The students of nursery to 5th standard study here. There are just three rooms, three teachers and 43 students. The problem of space has been solved here by making students of o two standard sit in same class. Half class belongs to one standard while the other half to another standard. The two teachers, one black , on one side one teacher writes while on the other half the other teacher. Imagine what a hotchpotch.

How are the students to learn. The Education Department of NMC is responsible for this. It is but natural that the students will get distrubed but there is no other go. This problem has been existing from last one and half years. NMC Education Officer comes for inspection but turns a blind eye to all this. When the teachers were asked about this they said it is because of shortage of space and the senior Municipal officials have taken this decision.

Arrangements in school
In the half portion of the school the Ramnagar Marathi Schools children are accommodated. The basic facilities in this school appear to be okay. But the fans are out of order and now the summer will start and children will have to bear the heat. In this school there is one differently abled peon who at times is a sweeper too. During the rainy reason the water comes up through the floor titles but still no efforts have been taken to repair the place. The surrounding is the worst, the gutter water is constantly near the compound of school which is open invitation of diseases. The school had got one computer 4 years back but teachers still have to go out for the works to be done. Like other NMC schools here too the teachers go from house to house to get children for the school. This year they got 6 students.

Despite all the odds teachers have been making efforts the good future of students. The principal Prerna Mulkalwar of the school was on leave so the teacher here Indu Kadve giving information, said that earlier there were enough rooms. The classes used to be held in different rooms but since the students decreased and so the two classes are held in one room. The maximum students coming to this school are of labourers and very often they go off to their villages. The second reason for decreasing number of student is the attraction for English medium school.