Truck crushes woman to death in Hudkeshwar

Nagpur: In a tragic mishap, a middle aged woman was crushed to death while her daughter received serious injuries after a recklessly driven truck dashed their moped from behind in Hudkeshwar on Thursday.

The deceased has been identified as Suchita Umeshrao Kurve (48), a resident of Hudkeshwar.

According to police sources, Suchita was riding pillion on moped with her daughter. At around 11.45 am, when the mother-daughter duo was crossing Mhalgi Nagar Square, Suchita’s daughter lost control over moped due to potholes. Suchita fell on the road and at the same time a recklessly driven truck dashed their vehicle from behind crushing Suchita’s head and injuring her daughter seriously.

Hudkeshwar police have booked the accused truck driver under relevant sections of IPC and investigating the matter further.