Published On : Fri, Apr 10th, 2015

Triple murder causes sensation in Bhande Plot area in Nagpur

Three brothers hacked to death over argument


In what could be termed as the outcome of sheer rage, three brothers were hacked to death in Bhande Plot area near Shiv Sai Matt on April 9, 2015 at around 9:05 pm.

According to Commissioner of Police K K Pathak and Joint Commissioner of Police Anoop Kumar Singh who while addressing the media personnel said that two three families from Bhande Plot area had gone to Bhandara to attend a Mundan ceremony of the son of Shakti Ashok Pande. The family of Nagose, Ugle and Sathpaise were also there. During the ceremony, there was some argument between the young members of Nagose family and the young members of Ugle family.

After reaching Bhande Plot area in Nagpur, the young members of Nagose family and Sathpaise attacked the three brothers from Ugle family with swords and knives and hacked them to death at around 9:05 pm.


The three brothers who were hacked to death are identified as

  1. 1.     Eknath Ugle aged 35 years
  2. 2.     Keshav Ugle aged 32 years and
  3. Sanjay Ugle aged 30 years


By 9:30 pm, the entire police machinery swung into action and reached the spot. This included the Commissioner of Police K K Pathak and Joint Commissioner of Police Anoop Kumar Singh, and a whole lot of senior police officials and staff of the crime branch.

Sensation prevailed in the entire Bhande Plot area. The residents chose to remain locked in their houses. The cops had a difficult time in ascertaining the accused since they too were residents of the area and anyone giving information about them would be inviting their wrath.

However the sustained efforts of the Crime Branch personnel and Detective Branch personnel yielded results and the names of the accused came to fore.

The accused have been identified as

  1. 1.     Rema Nagose
  2. 2.     Nihal Nagose and
  3. 3.     Shubham Nagose.

Sources and eye witnesses claimed that nearly seven youth had surrounded the Ugle brothers who had made vain attempt to run and escape the attackers. Soon the attackers attacked the deceased with swords and knives and killed the three brothers.

Sources also claimed that these three deceased were working for another goon who was running a gambling den. On the support of that goon, the three deceased brothers were practically creating terror in the area.

Sources added that the attackers were living just two lands behind the deceased house. Old enmity could also be a cause for their murder opined Joint Commissioner of Police Anoop Kumar Singh. While some residents claimed that this murder could be establish supremacy over another gang.

However Commissioner of Police K K Pathak while speaking to media assured that the accused will be arrested during the night itself. The Detective Branch officials and the Crime Branch officials have already activated their informants network and are hopeful of the arrest of the accused.