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    Published On : Sun, Oct 18th, 2015

    Tricks To Try If You Want To Stay Healthy

    Were you intoxicated last night? Do you feel unstable right now? Are you nervous about an exam you have to attend? Are you paranoid about injections? Well, don’t worry as we have the solutions to all your problems. And guess what! These tricks mentioned below are easy to follow too! For people who love and believe in acupressure and yoga this is the right article for you to take a look at. It is said that if you follow these simple hacks or tricks mentioned below you will get rid of a lot of health problems, in no time.

    Experts state that one does not need allopathy to treat migraines since home remedies work wonders. But, we tell you to ditch consuming those remedies and try placing your hands in cold/ice water, flex them a bit and voilà, your migraine will vanish. Likewise, there are a few more tricks to try out to stay healthy and wise. So, take a look at some of these healthy funny tricks to get rid of almost all your health problems:

    Get Rid Of Toothaches

    To cure a tooth ache all you need to do is rub some ice on the webbed area between your thumb and forefinger. This funny trick helps to get rid of the pain in less than 60 seconds.

    Get Rid Of Frustration

    If your stuck in traffic or simply having a bad, vent it out on bubble-gum. It helps to divert the frustration and lessen the mode you are in.

    Feeling Dizzy

    If you were intoxicated last night and woke up this morning with a sense of dizziness, try this simple healthy tip. Place your hands on something stable to help your brain recalibrate your balance.

    Sore Throat Troubling You?

    If you’ve not been able to get rid of a sore throat, try this healthy trick. Consume two to three marshmellows and see the difference. It will heal your pain and get rid of the infection too!

    Acne Trick

    The best way to prevent body acne is to turn the water to cold at the end of your shower. Cold water seals your pores and prevents dirt and bacteria from entering them.

    Mosquito Bites

    One of the best tricks to get rid of that mosquito itch is this – Put deodorant on a bite to stop the itching! Make sure you don’t tear your skin while itching!

    Eeekks… Injections!

    When you cough, the pressure in your chest and spinal canal increases, thus not allowing you to feel the prick from the injection. This is one of the funny and real ways to not feel that shot!

    Do You Miss Your Sleep?

    If you’re having trouble falling asleep, blink fast for a minute. This little act makes your eyes get tired, thus making you fall asleep eventually.

    When You Fall!

    Research shows that cursing helps release some of the pain you’re feeling after you’ve fallen. Though this is not scientifically proven, there is no harm in trying out this healthy trick, right?

    Learn How To Prevent Acidity!

    To prevent acidity at night, all you need to do is sleep on your left side. When you sleep on your left, your stomach is below the opening of your oesophagus, so there’s no way the acid can creep upward.

    Get Rid Of Migraine

    To get rid of migraine without medication, try this simple healthy trick. Place your hands in a bowl of cold ice water and flex your fingers. After 15 minutes, you will see the migraine headache reducing.

    Get Rid Of A Stuffy/ Cold

    If you want to get rid of a stuffy nose overnight, simply try out this healthy trick. Chop an onion into half, place them in a bowl and keep it near your pillow at night. The acidic nature of the onion will help to clear out your cold.

    Racy Heart?

    The vagus nerve that controls heart rate can be controlled through breathing. If your heart is pounding, a cool breath on your thumb can calm it down.Try this healthy trick the next time you feel that pound in your chest!

    Cure Horrible Moods The Healthy Way

    Research shows that when you are in a bad mood, smiling can help release happy hormones, thus making you calm down. If you aren’t willing to smile, simply chew or bite on a pencil to help calm your mood down.

    Feeling Sleepy?

    To naturally get rid of that sleepy feeling all you need to do is hold your breath for 20 seconds and release. This little act increases your heart rate this making you wake up and feel active.

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