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    Published On : Sun, Oct 18th, 2015

    Rangoli Designs For Navratri

    The exact meaning of navratri is “the nine promising nights”. Durga is reckoned as the “Goddess of Power” and during the festival of Navratra, the devotees pay homage to the deity and ask her defense against any possible threats and disasters that can wreck the composed life of the people.

    Navratri and Dushera both are considered as the two enormously important festivals of India. Both these festivals are celebrated with immense pleasure, fanaticism and showiness all over the country. On such a splendid occasion, each and every Indian feels overjoyed and they express their ecstasy by making stunning rangoli designs for Navratri. These rangolis are usually made at the entrance of the homes. The rangoli tradition stemmed from Maharashtra and gradually dispersed to the rest of the country.

    Awesome Halwa Recipes For Navratri

    Basically, to make a rangoli design, all you need is some powdered colors and sprinkle them on a spotless floor in such a way so that it looks decorative. There is a plethora of rangoli designs for Navratri that you can choose from. Rangolis can be 3-dimensional, 2-dimensional, vibrant or traditionally simple. If you want to create the best rangoli designs for Navratri and Dushera, this article will give you an insight on some of the best rangoli designs for Navratri and Dushera.

    rangoli1Stunning Ethnic Rangoli Design

    You can make a stunning rangoli design to make your Navratri more auspicious and thrilling. For such a rangoli design, you can employ traditional colors like red and green. Enhance its beauty by adding some beads to it so that it looks ethnic. Try making this ethnic rangoli in a circular design and even if you make it small, it will look fabulous owing to its bright color selection.

    rangoli3Floral Rangoli Design

    A floral rangoli design is one of the best rangoli designs for Navratri and Dushera. Use vibrant colors like orange, pink, red and violet to make the flowers and dark green color for the leaves. This rangoli design will definitely be a crowd-puller. Just beneath the design you can also write “Happy Dushera” to make it look more striking.

    Significance Of Each Day In Navratri

    Ma Durga Rangoli Design

    rangoli2The unconquerable Goddess Durga is among one of the most worshipped Hindu deities. Navratri is a nine-day-festival when Ma Durga’s 9 different forms are worshipped on each day. Thus, presenting Ma Durga in the form of a rangoli would be probably the most attractive thing you can do to celebrate this occasion. Make her face with yellow color, draw large and beautiful eyes and make them look prominent with black color. Draw her ornaments by using red and yellow colors.

    Dandiya Rangoli Design

    Dandiya is the traditional dance of Gujarat and it is performed during navratri. Creating a rangoli design with Dandiya sticks can be one of the best rangoli designs for Navratri and Dushera. Draw a big circle and inside this circle draw another small circle and at the center, draw two Dandiya sticks in crossed position. Now fill up the circles with bright red and yellow colors. Use green and blue colors to highlight the Dandiya sticks. Thus, with the help of the aforementioned rangoli designs for Navratri, you are definitely going to gain many accolades which will also fortify you at the time of festivities. Always select a safe spot to draw your rangoli designs and make sure that people don’t walk over it, especially kids!


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