Traffic cops themselves found on wrong side of law!!

Nagpur: The city traffic cops, who are going hammer and tongs and punishing traffic rule violators, have themselves been found on wrong side of the law. An alert citizen on Thursday morning found a police vehicle parked right in front of “No Parking” board put up near Hotel Sunny International in Dhantoli. Interestingly, the driver of the traffic police van (MH-31/CV 122) was seated but did not move the vehicle despite “No Parking’ board staring at his face. On the other hand, a police official Singh was putting jammers on vehicles parked in ‘No Parking Zone’.

The alert citizen has now posed a query: Who will fine or put jammers on the traffic police vehicle? On one hand, the Traffic Department expects public to follow the rules strictly. And on the other hand, traffic officials themselves are violating the rules.

Currently, Nagpur is undergoing transformation and a lot of work is happening like cement roads, cable laying, Metro work et al. All the parking slots are over flooded. There is no alternate parking provisions the NMC or NIT has provided. Dhantoli area, being a hub of hospitals, ambulances get stuck due to wrong parking and less parking space. Traffic officials are taking advantage of the situation and warming their hands with bribe money from the relatives of patients for one violation or another.

The alert citizen hopes the higher-ups in police department view this matter seriously and initiate suitable action.