NMC’s Transport Department in hot waters

Nagpur: Chairman of Transport Department Municipal Corporation Bunty Kukade who has been constantly fighting the problems of transport department which the bigwigs have been bringing in. He has been constantly swimming against the current and now fed up with this he finally yesterday lost control over himself and returned the vehicle given to him to the administration and went off to his home by a private car.

On several occasion he had through letter demanded new vehicle but every time some or other lame excuse was given to him by administartion. But yesterday thinking enough is enough he lost control over his anger. Chief of General Administration Mahesh Dhamecha asked for two days time but the chairman was in no mood to hear.

Post just for the name sake
In a fit of anger Bunty Kukade asked his assistant to write a letter to Municipal Commissioner, Mayor and ruling party stating that it is no use occupying a post just for names sake when his orders and letters are not taken seriously by NMC administration, Transport Department. The unsigned letters were already seen by the concerned officials. It may be mentioned that the Transport Committee Chairman besides the ward funds has got only the standing committee funds while from others there has been a negative reply. He is also worried about the development works of his ward/ Prabhag. Due to this the Chairman is angry.

Bus operators yet to get payment
NMC and the Trasport Department have not given the dues of November and December of the several red bus operators. Now even January is coming to an end. Each operator has to be given more than Rs 20 crores. The bus manager are going broke due to th lakhs of rupees to be spent on the buses. The Transport Department Chief with the help of DIMTS has been allegedly harassing them.

DIMTS not working as per agreement
DIMTS’ scam recently was exposed to the punblic. DIMTS has not been going according to the agreement. As per the agreement it is is supposed to have 100 employees but has been getting its work done with less employees and taking payment of full 100 employees from NMC. Though the DIMTS project is in Nagpur the Chief of the project is in Delhi but NMC Transport Chief has not been taking any action against about this instead puting the bus operators to financial loss.

Strike threat clouds hovering
The bus drivers and conductors working under the NMC’s Transport Department are not given the minimum wages due to the Chief Minister’s office. To give the minmum wages the state government will have to give additional funds in the form of GST and so the Chief Minister and Transport minister are silent over it. Due to this the Shiv Sena workers in the city have been every time threatening to go on strike. The NMC’s Transport Department has lost the vtrust of people. Besides this the red bus operators have not been paid. It has not been opening the Escrow account which is for the benefit of bus operators. Now it has found new way to harass and so the diesel run red buses have to be changed into CNG buses and all the expenditure will be recovered for bus operators.

Some officials putting spokes in works
Union Transport MInister Nitin Gadkari is the only public representative who wants the standard of city to be raised. He has been making all efforts for it whereas the Transport Department of NMC seems be bent upon to crush the dreams of the minister. It may be mentioned some of the office bearers, corporators and officers concerned with administration are not allowing the conerned people to carry out their responsibility independently.