Published On : Tue, Apr 29th, 2014

Traffic constables misbehave with lady, husband

Cops implicate husband in false case of preventing public servant from performing duty

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In an act of misuse of power and high handedness, the cops attached to the traffic department misbehaved with the lady and her husband at Shankar Nagar Square on April 27, 2014.

According to the victims, they were returning home after having lunch were travelling in a Renault Duster (SUV) car bearing no MH 40- AC 3499. They had come to Shankar Nagar to drop their friend at Shankar Nagar Square. When they reached Shankar Nagar Square, a traffic cop identified as Jagannath Rajaram Ghaywat (Buckle No: 2338) came to the car and said that they have to be fined for the black tints film on the glasses. He asked them to pay Rs 100 as fine, which the (husband of the complainant) Vinayak Pankaj Shaw aged 29 years (who was driving the car) agreed.

The wife of Vinayak Pankaj Shaw identified as Sonam Vinayak Shaw aged 25 years got down with a hundred rupee note from the vehicle to pay the traffic constable. However, the traffic constable started talking rudely with the husband Vinayak Pankaj Shaw. He asked him to show his license. When Vinayak Shaw   showed the license, the cop asked Vinayak if the license was original or duplicate one.


At that moment Sonam noticed another car Wagon R with darker film on the glasses at the same square and asked the traffic cop, why are they stopping only them and not anybody else? This irked the cops.

The traffic cop started talking rudely with Vinayak. Vinayak got down from the vehicle and asked him why was he talking rudely with him since he was ready to pay the fine? However Vinayak said that he will take the picture of the cop so that he can complain of the partiality to them alone.

When he took out the mobile to take the pictures, immediately the traffic cop Jagannath Rajaram Ghaywat pushed Sonam and her husband Vianayak and started using abusive language and started threatening them. When the other cops ASI Samshad Siddiquie and PSI Pandey posted at the square saw this, they also started using abusive language with the couple and the couple alleged that the cops started thrashing Vinayak Shaw. However, when Vinayak was going to enter his vehicle, the cops pulled him out. Vinayak Shaw’s wife Sonam repeatedly told the cops not to thrash him since he has recently been operated upon. However the cops allegedly said that so what if he is operated and continued to thrash him.

The mobile which was taken out to take the picture of traffic cop, the video-mode of the camera in the mobile phone of Vinayak Shaw got activated and the entire sound of all the abuses used by the traffic cops got recorded.

Taking the law into their own hands, the cops went on to call the control room and informed them that they were assaulted while the opposite happened. Vinayak and Sonam Shaw were unceremoniously taken to Ambazhari Police Station.

There, before they could make a statement, the erring cops’ version was taken and a case of hindering a public servant from performing his duty 353 of IPC was slapped on Vinayak and was given a notice to come to the court on the following day. His version was never recorded nor was what he said taken seriously by the Ambazhari Police Station.

However Vinayak appeared in the court and got a bail with a cash security of a sum of Rs 4000. When he went home, he discovered the entire recording of what ever occurred at the scene. Armed with this, Vinayak and Sonam made CDs of the entire recording and submitted the same with CP, DCP, all officials and media personnel and have demanded immediate suspension of the alleged erring cops.

What remains to be seen is whether the Commissioner of Police takes action against such erring police personnel.