Published On : Mon, Jan 19th, 2015

Traders react strongly to Paswans statement

CAIT Asks  Paswan to Define Hoarder and Hoardering : B.C.Bhartia


The traders have effectively maintained distribution system against failed PDS system of Govt. It is the material in pipe line maintained by traders which assures availability food grains on of all occasions through out the year said by B.C.Bhartia  president Confederation of All India Trader. He was reacting to statement of union consumer affairs minister Ramvilas Paswan stating that the stock limit will be revised and hoarders well be prosecuted. Addressing meeting of Team CAIT Nagpur chaired by Kishor Dharashiver, B.C.Bhartia said that on one side the govt. talks of open economic policy and corruption free India and on the other side govt. is putting restrictions on traders and consolidating inspector raj.  This duel policy can not be accepted. Bhartia said that huge stock of food grains  lye in FCI godowns but could  not be distributed due to  faulty  public distribution system. On the other hand, it is the traders who procure and store  material in  ideal condition and arrange its sale to customer all round the year.  He demanded that govt. should define what does it mean by hoarder and hoarding.  Now a days big multinational companies and corporate bodies store huge quantity of food grains in name of MCDEX  etc. Can this be called hoarding.  Many corporate houses may import material and keep it  stored in neighboring  countries and sell in our country when prices in our country rise. Bhartia said that such statements from minister  raises question mark  on the type of governance in the country.  It also raise question as to whether the traditional traders are been  targeted for benefit of few MNCs and corporate houses are to be benefited.

Prabhakar Deshamukh, Dyaneshwar Rakshak and Anil Nagpal  said that when the system of stock  limit was introduced the  population was less and the production of food grains was in adequate to meet the demand of population then.  Today we have very good production and we talk of export also.  Under such situation instead of taking our traders towards open economy talking of restrictions deviates the direction from progressive open economy  to old restrictive economy.   Those presents in the meeting were of firm opinion that the trading community is strong and empowered  and the govt should restrain to show them the threat of prosecution or any attempt to damage image of traders.  Such statements will   have adverse result on image of the govt.

Those present in meeting were  Bajranlal Agrawal, Aasandas Balwani, Nikhilesh Thakar, Ravindra Gupta, Prakash Jais, Satish Bang, Ramavtar Agrawal, Madhusudhan Trivedi,  Kavita Sharma, Asha Pande, Sangeeta Khandelwal, Chhaya Sharma etc. said Team CAIT Nagpur secretary Farooque Akbani.