Published On : Tue, May 13th, 2014

Traders attacked in Kalamna market

Nagpur News : Two traders of Onion and Potatoes who were sitting in their shop were attacked by 4-5 young men with swords and sword-sticks on May 13, 2014.

Sources said that a trader of Onion and Potatoes named Bihari Lal Gaur @ Lalu aged 50 years and his assistant Mangesh Ramchandra Khanorkar aged 45 years were sitting in their shop in Kalamna Onion and Potatoes Market on May 13, 2014.

Sources said that the neighbouring shop-owner who is a Garlic trader named Sagar and his accomplices which included four young men came to the shop of Mangesh Khanorkar and started attacking him with swords and sword-sticks without any provocations. Sources added that no enmity of any sort existed between the attacker and the victim.

The victim Mangesh Ramchandra Khanorkar is said to have a deep cut on the forehead above the right eye-brow and the middle finger of his right hand severed off. However, Mangesh did not suffer many injuries except for a few scratches.


Nagpur Today contacted the President of Kanda Batata Bazaar Adatiya Welfare Association Jaiprakash Wasani said he flays such violent incidents in the Kalamna Market. He wanted to know, that in spite of all the security measures, how did the miscreants, manage to bring such sharp objects like swords and sword-sticks into the premises. He said that the management of the APMC should ensure that such incidents should not occur in future since this incident is an eye-opener. He added that the police is cooperating with them, and has registered a case against the offenders. However, Wasani demanded that the culprits should be arrested immediately and penal action should be initiated against them.

Nagpur Today spoke to the Director of APMC Rajesh Chabrani, who said that this is a very sad incident and he decries this incident. He said that we are traders and are known to be peacefull and peace-loving people. He added that traders should not indulge in this kind of violent means to redress inter-personal grievances. Chabrani claimed that if we traders indulge in this kind of violent actions, how can we be different from others?


Till the time of filing the story, the victims were moved to the hospitals and treatment administered to them. Medico-legal proceedings were also initiated. However Nagpur Today could not get the Police version of the entire incident, especially the motive and the names of the offenders etc.