Published On : Tue, May 13th, 2014

‘Jumping ball’ back to Governor’s court, relief eludes engineering students

The Academic Council, which was authorized to take a firm decision on “Jumping” Ordinance facilitating engineering students to appear in Summer 2014 exams, has instead decided to convey the views and comments of its members to Governor’s Office on the crucial issue.

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Tuesday the May 13 has proved a nerve wrecking day for the engineering students. The Academic Council of Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University (RTMNU) has ruthlessly put roadblocks in future careers of engineering students in no uncertain way. The hassled and harassed engineering students were hoping against hopes to appear in Summer 2014 examinations through “Jumping” facility but the Academic Council dashed away their dreams in one stroke.

An all important and anxiously awaited meeting of Academic Council was held on Tuesday (May 13) as per the directive of RTMNU to arrive at a decision on the “Jumping” issue and thereby provide a relief to engineering students who are demanding that they be allowed to appear in Summer 2014 examinations. However, the Academic Council instead decided to convey the views and comments of its members to Governor’s Office on the crucial issue. In simple words: The Academic Council hit the engineering students where it hurt more and ruined the careers of them in a ruthless manner. The point is that even if the Governor’s Office takes a positive decision on the “Jumping” issue, the aggrieved engineering students would not in any case would be able to appear in Summer 2014 examinations. The only option the engineering students have been left to appear in the next examination. It clearly means a loss of one academic year and subsequent job prospects. And the reason for this nervous breakdown like situation is wayward decision making and ambiguity on the part of RTMNU authorities.

The “Jumping” or “Carry on” issue has been witnessing a roller-coaster ride for the past 9-10 months and thus leaving the engineering students high and dry every time they hoped for a positive outcome.

The “Jumping” issue jumped from one authority to another without any solution.  The roller coaster ride on “Jumping” first started from Academic Council, then went to Governor’s Office, then to Management Council, then again to Academic Council and now again to Governor’s Office. The Management Council (MC) of RTMNU, in its meeting, had decided to refer the “Jumping” Ordinance back to Academic Council for its reconsideration.

It may be recalled, the Governor’s Office had sent a 3-page letter to RTMNU and directed it to table the “Jumping” Ordinance in the Management Council meeting and reach a decision. As directed by Governor’s Office, the “Jumping” Ordinance was put up in Management Council meeting but no detailed discussion was held on the issue. The reason was that the Academic Council had first passed the Ordinance and therefore the issue falls under the jurisdiction of Academic Council only. The AC can reconsider the Ordinance, said the members of Management Council.

The report on “Jumping” issue vis-à-vis Academic Council’s decision was to be sent to Governor’s Office within 15 days. In this situation, the RTMNU Administration has to call the meeting of Academic Council accordingly and a decision would be arrived at.