Published On : Thu, Feb 13th, 2014

Toxic waste from Purti Sugar plant kills fishes, dogs at Bela; Residents file police complaint

Nagpur News.
Purti Power and Sugar Plant at village Khursapar (Bela) near here have become the source of major pollution, much to distress of villagers residing in the vicinity. The toxic waste being released into water bodies and farm fields in the area has polluted the resources to alarming proportion. The fish in the water bodies have reportedly died due to the factory pollutants and the dogs who ate the fish also died from the deadly effect. Some of the villagers have also reported gradual decline in their health. Villagers have alleged the factory authorities are openly flouting environmental norms. Enraged over uncontrolled pollution being generated from the factory, villagers have moved a complaint against company directors and officials at Bela police station. The complaint was lodged on February 10. The copies of the complaint have also been disseminated to the collector, police superintendent, and officials of pollution control board.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) workers have visited the reservoir and collected water sample for scientific analysis of the pollutants. Devendra Wankhede, AAP’s local convenor has claimed that former BJP President Nitin Gadkari is personally responsible for this act as it is under his motivation and guidance the plant was erected and run.
Besides the plant, a bakery and confectionary unit is also officially registered by Purti group at Bela under Umred tehsil. Sources revealed there has been highly unmanaged waste treatment at the plant and the poisonous pollutants are released into the water resources being used by the villages for consumption purpose. The negligent attitude of the officials signals the tragedy in waiting.

Aam Aadmi Party workers have of late awakened over rising threat to the life of villagers owing to these pollutants. The party workers have led the delegation of villagers at Bela police station. The group of AAP workers include Devendra Wankhede, Jammu Anand, Amarish Sawarkar, Mangesh Telang, Rajesh Bhoyar and secretary Sachin Somkuwar.
The residents of Bela have praised AAP. Among Bela residents who accompanied the party workers to police station included Munje, Vivekbabu, Dilip Ghime, Tushar Muthal, Murlidhar Kene, Subhash Telrandhe, Subhash Talvekar and Dada Maskar.
It is for the first time that the resident of the village have come forward with the help of AAP officials. The alleged illegal acts include releasing of polluted water in the water reservoirs in the area. The polluted water from factory is also released into the fields of the farmers which is naturally done without their consent. The farm land is becoming polluted due to this. The fish in the water reservoirs have died. The dogs who ate this fish have also died. The villagers are suffering from many ailments due to the irresponsible behaviour of the company.

Black in the Green…


Highly toxic waste from Purti Power and Sugar Ltd at Khursapar (Bela) is being freely flowed into the water bodies.

Dangerous Sign


The residents of Bela have started complaining of skin ailments owing to the consistent use of water polluted by the Purti’s plant.

Water Bodies under Smoke of Threat

Purti Power and Sugar plant has been posing major threat to environment and health of the residents of Bela.

Purti Power and Sugar plant has been posing major threat to environment and health of the residents of Bela.

Killer Water


Hundreds of fishes died from the pollutants released in water reservoir at Bela. Later few dogs also lost their lives as they feasted on the dead fishes.