Published On : Wed, Apr 24th, 2013

Towering cheating, looting by thugs in the name of Reliance company on installations

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Nagpur News: “Better the poor whose walk is blameless than the rich whose ways are perverse.” “Better to be poor and honest than to be dishonest and rich.” “Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is crooked in his ways. “Better a poor man who lives with integrity than a rich man who distorts right and wrong.”

There hundreds of proverbs to describe the rich in the manner like the words of vital proverbs. Of course every rich is not the way these proverbs describe him or her. Certainly, there are millions of very good rich persons who take pride in helping the needy and give the society in return in the form of hospitals, educational institutes, charity houses for the poor and the like.

Nagpur Today is informing about the ROBBERS who dream of becoming Ambanis by hook or crook. The family is owner of an empire of businesses, industries, companies and offices in large number fields.

Taking advantage of the most prestigious and richest family in the country, some cheats, in the name of Ambanis and one of their companies the Reliance Communications, are looting the gullible citizens in Nagpur and in the entire country. And the citizens who wished to earn an easy money too could be blamed for flourishing the “dirty” business of these goons and losing their hard-earn money for a greed.

Beware of the Nagpurians of following number: 01206590367. Don’t fall prey to the calls from this number or you would repent for losing lakhs of rupees. Hundreds of calls from this number have been made to citizens of Nagpur.

The modus operandi adopted by these criminals is that they, in the fictitious names like Malhotra or Shekhawat call the citizens telling them they are “Heads of Reliance Communication Head Office”. They seek help of citizens for places where installation of “Reliance” mobile towers could be carried out citing the reason that the “Reliance” customers are facing the link failure or other false information. The fictitious men request the people to locate such places where the owners are interested in leasing the land or terrace of their buildings for installation of towers. Once you find the interested persons ask them to contact us or provide their numbers.

Once the interested persons contact the fictitious company personnel, they are told to SMS the location for satellite survey. The citizens are informed by them that if their locations are selected then they will be contacted by the “company” men. But surprisingly, just after 10 minutes a call comes informing the interested persons that their locations have been selected and they have received positive information for installing CDMA or GSM towers.

Now, the real game begins. The interested persons, assuming the genuine Reliance company, are “very cleverly” lured by the criminals by offering them Rs 40,000 rent per month per tower, jobs for two family members with Rs 15,000 salary for each, life insurance of Rs 5 lakh, agreement for ten years and 10 per cent hike in rents per year. And the interested persons are also told to attach a cheque of Rs 50,000 in the name of “company” along with the forms sent by the “company.” The persons are also informed by the men that the amount will be refunded while handing over the cheque for one year rent as soon as the work of tower installation work begins.

Some persons are getting trapped in a well-plotted plan. Some are showing no interest. But the thugs are also not accepting failure of their “plan”. They pretend to talk with seniors in the company for some relief in the deal and try to trap the persons at any cost. Some greedy persons, in an effort to become millionaires have fallen prey to these tricks. According to reports, several persons in cities and rural areas as well have been alerted to not to fall in such traps.




Towering cheating, looting by thugs in the name of Reliance company on installations