Published On : Thu, Aug 7th, 2014

Tortured by husband for years, woman finds solace at last; hopes for justice as police delay action

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Bearing the pain and mental agony of torture, beating and harassment by her husband for years, Nalini Wasankar is now a contented woman. She is relieved with the thought that she finally raised her voice against the cruelty she has been subjected to, during the last 24 years of her marriage. She tried hard enough to keep the marriage going but her every effort added more sorrows to her saddening pages of life. Nalini has no words to thank Nagpur Today which made conscious efforts to free her of the state of depression.

The last nail in the coffin came in the form of gory act by Nalini’s husband Ravindra Wasankar. Obsessed by his drinking habit, he got carried away following a dispute between him and Nalini. In a fit of rage he poured kerosene on her and set her ablaze. But the timely intervention by Nidhi and Suraj, the grown up children of the couple, averted the tragedy. Battered and bruised Nalini was rushed to Mayo Hospital.

Post this incident Nalini’s brother Bhushan Satpute happened to visit Nagpur Today where he narrated the entire incident. Eventually Panchpaoli police, who were initially unwilling to register the case, had to take action after Nagpur Today intervened in the case. PI Khobragade rushed his team of policemen to Mayo Hospital for recording statement of Nalini. The statement of Nalini was recorded at 6 pm on July 30. Based on Nalini’s statement the cops booked Ravindra under section 498 and other relevant sections of IPC and launched the probe.

Liquor blew domestic violence

Ravindra Wasankar, 49, resident of Ashok Nagar, near Gurunanak Bhavan, Pachpaoli, Nagpur, had married to Nalini 24 years ago. The couple has two siblings. Daughter Nidhi (22) is engineering student and studies in second year and son Suraj (17) is doing ITI. Ravindra ran a big shop for long time. But the habit of liquor started its perilous effect and Ravindra’s business and life went haywire. Unable to run the shop, he rented it for Rs 13,000 per month. But the liquor had started playing havoc with Wasankar family. The idle mind and empty pockets forced Ravindra perpetrate devilish acts and the first victim was Nalini (41).

…When Women’s Commission intervened

Ravindra started torturing Nalini, both physically and mentally, for bringing money from her parents. The persecution for years together resulted in separation of Ravindra and Nalini in 2006. Subsequently, the devastated Nalini filed a complaint with Maharashtra Women’s Commission (MWC) against Ravindra. The MWC took up the case and put Ravindra on the edge with several hard-word notices. The case in MWC prolonged for almost six years from 2006 to 2011. In 2011, the jolted Ravindra moved an application to MWC with a plea for settlement of the case. He promised no torture of Nalini, no demand of money from her and a happy life in future.   Ravindra asked Nalini to withdraw her complaint from NWC as settlement of case. Nalini too did the same hoping for a better life. Ravindra and Nalini started the life afresh and were a happy family.

Compromise did not last long

But the evil dies hard. In 2012, a drunkard Ravindra came to his own terms and started tormenting Nalini.  Beating and abusing became a brutal routine. Charges of infidelity against Nalini too started cropping up. But Nalini had got trapped in her own folly. She had committed the mistake of trusting Ravindra and his gullible words. She had no choice but tolerate the battering at the heavy hands of Ravindra. But the monster in Ravindra crossed all limits on July 29 night. After beating Nalini brutally, Ravindra doused her with kerosene and tried to set her ablaze. But the timely intervention by Nidhi and Suraj averted the tragedy. In the meanwhile, the battered and bruised Nalini was rushed to Mayo Hospital.

Panchpaoli police sat cross handed

However, Nalini’s torture did not end. Panchpaoli police, who were apprised of the unfortunate episode, reportedly refused register an FIR by saying that the matter is internal and pertains to family court. In a way, police failed to provide justice to Nalini and let Ravindra off the hook. Nidhi and Suraj too could not gather the strength to approach higher police authorities.

Nagpur Today Impact

But a ray of hope emerged in the form of Bhushan Satpute, brother of Nalini. With his instinct, he scanned the “Just Dial” website and found phone number of Nagpur Today. After ringing, Bhushan personally visited office of Nagpur Today on July 30 and narrated the happenings sequence-wise. Taking serious note of police apathy and provide justice to Nalini as well, Nagpur Today contacted Police Inspector Khobragade of Panchpaoli Police Station and prodded him to act in the matter decisively. Bhushan thanked Nagpur Today for prompt action and is hoping for justice to Nalini.