Published On : Thu, Aug 7th, 2014

Sexual Harassment @ Work Place-6: Don’t feel guilty in speaking out says Sarita Kaushik

Sexual-Harassment-of-Women-Nagpur News.

The Supreme Court ruling entails necessity for every business establishments to have sexual harassment redressal committee. The companies must have the committee to prevent cases of sexual harassment and provide mechanisms for the resolution of complaints. However, Nagpur Today highlighted how the so called big establishments and business houses in city lack the said committee. Nagpur Today is now reaching out to the women serving across various professions and having their views over the issue.

In the sixth part of our series we brought on board a senior journalist and the face of ABP News. We had a discussion with Journalist Sarita Kaushik on this issue. Following are the excerpts

People don’t have habit of following laws

We asked Sarita Kaushik that according to her what can be the reason behind not forming such committees in many establishments. Replying to the question Kaushik said that one of the very genuine reasons can be the tendency towards the law of the land. In our society, even if we know the rules we don’t have habit of following the same. After the entire corporate are nothing but a reflection of the society we live in so think a very important reason could be that we are social fabric. We do not seem the urgency to follow and implement the law of the land. Though people know but the question is do they really follow? In the similar manner it can be a reflection of the same attitude rather than insensitivity asserts Sarita Kaushik.

 Women hold themselves guilty

Basic reason can be the upbringing. We are so conscious of expressing what we speak what our parents, in laws or husbands expect us to speak. There is a tendency in the large section that the accused women herself, her behavior or her clothes might have triggered such harassment. This is holding her behavior or her clothes responsible for some kind of sexual advance. Not just male but many women feel in the same way which is why a lot of women hold themselves guilty. This could be a reason enough for many women to keep shut.

An empowered women is the only answer

When asked how we can change the attitude of males towards women Sarita Kaushik replied that “An empowered woman is probably the only answer”.  Women should become financially independent and mentally strong. She also added that the girl should get the equal rights since birth


People feel it will not happen with us

Most of the people do not focus of these issued as they do not think that such things will happen with us. People think it do not happen in our office, our company or our family. However when any such incident comes in front of them it comes as a shock. Unless the victim women will not speak openly about such harassment the urgency of these committee will never be understood says Sarita Kaushik.

Have faith in the law of the land

When assaulted or harassed, do not feel guilty in speaking out. It is as much your duty to bring the culprit to book says Sarita Kaushik. She appealed to the females that have faith in the law of the land. If you go through it for help do not scare of not getting justice.

By Puja Singh