Published On : Tue, Jan 7th, 2020

Top 10 Trends for Web Designing in 2020

With the New Year just around the corner, most companies are gearing up with their marketing plans for the same. A marketing plan can never be complete if the website is unable to keep up with the latest trends of digital marketing as well as web-design. In both cases, it is time to sit with your website designing company Delhi and discuss ideas to revamp your website with the latest and upcoming trends. The latest trends in web designing for 2020 include:

  1. Large and Bold Lettering

The typography is trending toward a bold format with an oversized font. This helps to simplify the design and draw the attention of a visitor to the website. It is also likely to have a higher associated recall, encouraging repeat visits.

  1. Broken Grids

By challenging the systematic layout of a website and placing elements in organised chaos, you can improve the visibility of your website. This chaos helps the website to look creative, which in turn helps to engage more visitors. This is likely to be a top trend for the websites in the near future.

  1. Animated Backgrounds

These have been popular in the past and now they have moved on to the next level and have included the usage of videos in the background. A static background seems lifeless as compared to a video background. By using this format, you can gain from the benefit of imparting a lot more information about your product to the audience.

  1. Usage of 3D Design Elements

3D graphics have proven themselves in the gaming and film industries and now are all set to take over the web-designs as well. It can be actively used for engaging the audiences and developing greater interest in your brand.

  1. Customised Images

If you wish to give a unique flavour to your website, you can get your website designing company India to create unique and customised images, which are significantly relevant for your brand. These exclusive images will give your brand a certain character as desired by you. This identity is likely to stick with the customers and give your brand awareness a big boost. You will then be in their list of known brands forever.

  1. Split Content

By using the split content mode for designing your website, you will have the facility to simultaneously present more than one idea or message for your audience. It helps the messages to get across with greater clarity. This is not the only benefit of split content as it also makes the website look neat and organised, increasing its appeal.

  1. Concealed Navigation

This design element is very useful as it helps you save space and gives the website a minimalistic look. The various menus appear only when required and are tucked away at all other times. It makes the website look less cluttered and allows the other elements to have an impact. The menus can be present for navigation with one click and disappear once the destination page has been selected.

  1. Full-Screen Contact Forms

In line with the element discussed first, a contact form that covers the entire screen is also a likely trend for the next year. This goes very well with the theme of bold and enlarged typography. This also gives a simplistic feel to a website and eases the process of submission.

  1. Parallax Design

This technique creates a pseudo-3D effect on your website by having different background elements moving at different speeds. This has been successfully implemented in video games and is slowly getting introduced to web designs as well.

  1. Voice User Interface

This is a feature that allows the visitor to use voice commands to interact with a VUI enabled website. This is a functional element more than a design element but is definitely trending and will be very useful for all, specifically for those who are physically handicapped.

This set of trending web designs is at your fingertips now. Choose the ones that you feel will be useful if applied to your website. Do share it with your website designing company Delhi office as well as other offices around the country, so they can implement them and expect better business opportunities. Although, an experienced company such as Techmagnate always keep a note of these trends while designing any website.