Published On : Thu, Jul 18th, 2019

Toilet – Ek Grim Katha : City’s relieving spots turn pathetic

Nagpur: Nagpur is currently facing one of the worst water crisis down the history, but the story does not end with only water. Talk of basic amenities and Nagpurians will raise issue about everything including public toilets.

Leave aside rest of the places and interior areas in Nagpur, even the so called prominent localities are witnessing the shoddy affairs in the shape of public toilets. Many toilets in the city are either non-functional or poorly maintained. The pictures in question are those sent by an aware citizen and tells the sorry state of toilets and urinals at Rahate Colony bus stop.

We remember B-town star Akshay Kumar had appealed for making toilets in rural areas in his hit flick Toilet : Ek Prem Katha.

However what he appears to have forgotten to tell that it is deadly needed at public places in urban areas as well and that too properly maintained ones. Going by the scene in Nagpur, we really feel the need to see a sequel Toilet : Ek Grim Katha, thanks to the pitiable state of these public relieving spots.