Published On : Wed, Jul 17th, 2013

Toddler died of snake bite

Nagpur News : Snehal Jumde, one and a half-year-old, only son of Divyaratna Jumde, died due to snake bike at his residence near Dabha toll Naka on Wednesday.

The incident happened around 4 am when the child was fast asleep with his parents. The snake, which was later identified as a black cobra by a sarpamitra, entered into the house through a broken window. The snake first bit the child on its back and then on his hand.

Sensing her child’s movements, the mother woke up within minutes and was shocked to see the snake around her son. She woke Jumde who pulled the snake away from his son’s body. He threw the snake in one corner of the room and covered it with a cloth.

They took the child to Dande Hospital from where they were sent to GMCH. There the child was kept under ventilation and all the efforts to save him went in vain as the poison straightway affected the child’s nervous system because of which his organs stopped working slowly. The highly poisonous black cobra was later handed over to the forest department.