Tiwari slams Thakre for his tirade against Mayor, Mpl Commissioner over Smart City issue

Ruling Party Leader Dayashankar TiwariNagpur: Ruffled by the castigating statement by Leader of Opposition in NMC Vikas Thakre, who had charged the Mayor and Municipal Commissioner of misleading the citizens over non-inclusion of Nagpur in the list of ‘Smart City,’ the Ruling Party Leader Dayashankar Tiwari said that the Mayor and Municipal Commissioner have not blamed the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) for non-inclusion of Nagpur in ‘Smart City’ list. “Why the Leader of Opposition repeatedly castigating the Mayor and the Municipal Commissioner and charging them of issuing contradictory and misleading statements over Smart City issue? asked Tiwari.

Tiwari further said, “We are also pained and saddened by non-inclusion of Nagpur in the list of Smart City in the first round. But putting the blame on anyone for the failure is totally wrong. If the Leader of Opposition divulges from where he got the information regarding Mayor and Municipal Commissioner blaming NIT for non-inclusion of city then it will be of helpful to everybody,” demanded Tiwari. He added that NMC could receive a letter from Central Government either on Saturday or Monday citing the reasons for dropping the name of Nagpur from the Smart City list. The shortcomings will be made public without delay, said Tiwari.

“The shortcomings will be removed and the proposal will be submitted soon for inclusion of Nagpur in the second round. We also congratulate the Opposition for their cooperation in the process regarding Smart City. The day the list was announced, the statement of Thakre and our were similar. But suddenly on Sunday, Thakre came out with a controversial statement. Was his statement as City Congress President or politically motivated? We all should strive for development of city. We had supported the concept of JNNURM during Congress rule,” reminded Tiwari.

The selection of Smart City was done by third party. Had it been done on merit we would have been successful. Moreover, had the selection been personality based, Nagpur would have been selected because of Fadnavis and Gadkari. The NMC Municipal Commissioner strived hard day and night which is appreciable. An MoU was signed between NMC and NIT for Smart City. After selection, SPV will be set up, stated Tiwari.