Published On : Thu, Mar 23rd, 2023
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Tips on Beating the Bookie


In sports betting, your opponent is not yourself but someone else—the bookmaker. But how can a punter like you emerge victorious against a formidable enemy?

Of course, coming up with a strategy will always give you an edge. However, getting to know your enemy is a tactic used even in warfare. For this article, we have come up with a checklist that would guide you to discover your number one enemy in sports betting.

⃞Is the Bookie Trustworthy?

First and foremost, your goal in beating the bookie is to check whether they are legit. You will be introduced to the real bookmaker through research and reviews from other punters.

Beware of illegal bookmakers! If they are not regulated by government entities like PAGCOR overseeing platforms like OKBET, steer clear. It is best to bet via trusted and legal bookies.

⃞How Many Payment Methods Does it Have?

A worthy bookie must have a variety of payment methods. They must allow tons of banks, allowing over-the-counter and wireless transactions. They also have the capability of transacting using e-wallets like DragonPay.

⃞Are the Rules Clear?

To continue playing seamlessly, the rules must be clear. If you need help, you should be able to clarify it by contacting the bookmaker.

In the past, bookies do not allow singles. If you spot a bookmaker accepting only trebles or doubles, avoid them. Why? Because they do not want you to win.

But due to tougher competition in the gambling industry, almost every bookie now offers singles on all of the games and sports they have.

⃞Is Your Winning Taxed?

Accredited bookmakers comply with the laws of the country they operate. In some countries, they do not consider gambling as a form of compensation. Thus, the winnings of punters are not taxed.

If, in some cases, you get to encounter a bookie that forces you to pay taxes on your earnings, check first the gambling laws of your country. If players do not have to shoulder the taxes, then avoid that certain bookie and find others that do not collect any winners’ tax.

⃞Is the Price Right?

Just like the game show “The Price is Right,” a worthy bookie should have justifiable odds and prices. It is already a given fact that bookmakers alter their odds, but to the point that it does not put the punter at an extreme disadvantage.

A red flag is when a bookmaker changes the odds right after you place your bets. This would affect your chances of winning and your winnings as well.

If this occurs with your bookie, look for another one, someone that many sports bettors trust.

⃞Is the Maximum Winning Just Right?

At times, bookies will grant meager maximum winnings. If you are one of the casual punters, this is fine. But, for those that bet large sums, this will significantly impact how much they will win back.

⃞Is the Minimum Deposit Justifiable?

Legal online casinos only require a certain amount that would serve as a minimum deposit. It is not a good investment if you stumble upon a site that demands a grand or more as a minimum deposit. There is also a huge chance that the site would swoop all your hard-earned cash, like vultures attacking their prey.

⃞Does it Have an Array of Events Offered?

Bookies exist to let punters bet on sports. But how can a bettor put his hard-earned money if the choices are limited? That is why the best bookmakers must have all the leagues, major or minor.

If the bookmaker only covers a few sports, does not allow betting on the lower division, or discards big favorites, it should be avoided at all costs.


Now that you know what to check when choosing your favorite bookmaker, beating them will be easy. Moreso, you can avoid opportunist bookies who only aim to take all your cash rather than giving some in return.