Published On : Mon, Oct 13th, 2014

Tiny tot undergoes two-hour painful ordeal as leg gets stuck in gutter hole in TB Ward area

Nagpur: Emotions ran high and panic reigned at its peak when leg of a tiny tot got stuck in small gutter hole leading to a two-hour rescue and relief operation by Fire Brigade and some residents as well. The painful ordeal was witnessed in TB Ward area of the city on Sunday.

20141012_155434According to reports, the one and half year old kid, Kabir Thapa, was playing in his house located in TB Ward area. While playing, Kabir came out of house and unknowingly inched towards the gutter hole. And in the awful sequence of event, a leg of Kabir got slipped into the slushy but small gutter hole. The more Kabir struggled to pull out his leg the more it got trapped as the hole got dried up. The scary and sudden development triggered a loud cry from Kabir. Hearing Kabir’s cries, his mother, Jyoti Thapa (27), came rushing and tried to pull Kabir’s leg out. But her attempt, instead of relief, put Kabir in an intolerable painful situation. Watching helplessly the ordeal of her son, Jyoti too lost patience and started crying loudly.

20141012_154605At the same time, “Padayatra” of Independent candidate Bharti Meshram was passing through the area. Hearing cries of Kabir and Jyoti, Bharti Meshram too rushed to help both the mother-son duo. In the meanwhile, some residents informed Fire Brigade about the incident. But before arrival of Fire Brigade personnel, workers of Bharti Meshram tried to pull Kabir’s leg out by making the gutter hole wider with the help of a hammer and shaft.

20141012_154824 All the while, Kabir was undergoing a painful ordeal, not only because of stuck leg but also due to scary hammering. Each blow of hammer increased pain of Kabir to intolerable magnitude. However, when Fire Brigade personnel arrived at the scene, they ended the two-hour ordeal but after a great struggle. The Fire Brigade personnel widened the gutter hole adroitly and pulled Kabir’s bruised and battered leg out to the relief of all.

Nagpur Today scribe, who was present at the scene, captured the entire episode on his camera.

Ravikant Kamble