Published On : Mon, Oct 13th, 2014

Except Modi, there is no leader in entire Maharashtra whose image can be used to woo voters: Ramvilas Paswan

DSC_1715Nagpur: President of the Lok Janshakti Party, Former Lok Sabha Member and Former member of Rajya Sabha MP Ram Vilas Paswan was in the city to campaign for the BJP candidates.

While speaking to the media personnel, Ram Vilas Paswan said that the senior leaders of Lok Janshakti party have decided to support NDA & BJP.

He claimed that under the Narendra Modi wave BJP succeeded in securing 335 seats. With Narendra Modi as Prime Minister, the reputation of India has increased manifold times. Be it United States of America or Pakistan, these countries now know that they have to consider India with caution.

Right from the time when Narendra Modi took oath, he invited the Heads of all the SAARC Countries. After that he also visited countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Japan and United States of America. With his visit, the reputation of India has only increased.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while giving importance to National leaders like Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi, who Death Anniversary was till date celebrated as a National holiday, has now become Safai Abhiyan Diwas. Similarly the Birth Anniversary amd Death Anniversaries of Jaiprakash Narayan has become Adarsh Gram Diwas, Radha Krishnan’s day as Irrigation Day etc.

Ram Vilas Paswan claimed that history is being recreated. The government is taking the message to the masses.

He also claimed that for the first time, minorities are feeling safe under the new regime of BJP. The leaders of BJP are for the Constitutional Amendment Bill so that the SCs and STs may continue to get reservation in promotion. The focus of BJP is on Social Equality, Law & Order and Development and progress of the nation.

People have trust in us because people know that whatever we promise, we’ll deliver. He reiterated that the BJP will get complete majority. He claimed that this can be seen by anyone in the surveys undertaken by reputed Political Survey organizations. He added that whether it is Maharashtra or Haryana, the graph of our popularity is growing.

Ram Vilas Paswan claimed that Nagpur has been our Karmabhoomi. He added that Vidarbha is very backward still and since we believe in the formation of smaller states for better governance, we support the separate Vidarbha. He added that during the last NDA government, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand got separate state status. The results of the elections will tell who is trusted and liked by the masses.

While answering a query of media personnel about the separate Vidarbha issue, he said that the BJP supports a separate Vidarbha state. He added that 99% of our national leaders are in favour of a separate Vidarbha.

While answering another query of media personnel about the break in alliance with Shiv Sena, he said that the break in alliance was not because of the seat sharing ration but because of ego. He claimed that Shiv Sena stood tall and majestic only because of Balasaheb Thackeray. Today he is not there, and the party is not so matured to handle various issues. Breaking the alliance was a practical decision and had to be taken.

He however, categorically stated that there is not one leader in Maharashtra whose image can be quoted to claim votes so they have to rely on the image and reputation of Narendra Modi. You can see the popularity of BJP after Modi speech.

However, he added that even today, Shiv Sena believes that they are in alliance at New Delhi, since they were in alliance during Lok Sabha polls.

While answering about the Gram Vikas Yojana and how the BJP minister has broken the guidelines of the PM and has adopted his own village for development, he said that the PM’s directives and guidelines are very clear. However, who does not want that his own village gets developed? So there is nothing wrong in that.

While clarifying about the Food Security Act, he said that the Act is in force in 11 states. However, the process is not an easy one. A lot of documentation is required especially the details of the beneficiaries and other important data. He said that a lot of documentation is yet to be streamlined. He claimed that their government is already working on it. He claimed that earlier there were APL, BPL and Anthyoday, however, once the Bill is in force, only Anthyoday will be eleigible for food grains and ration at cheap rate.

While clarifying about the increase in rates of many commodities and goods, he added that even if there is no harvest of food grains for an entire year, they can easily feed the nation since their godown are full. He claimed that this 5 five months period is very dangerous period. While the rates of onion or potatoes are cheaper in one place, it is touching the roof in some other state. This is happening because of individual APMC Acts. He claimed that each state has an independent Act and so, such kinds of anomalies are found. He said that there is an urgent need for research on essential commodities and to devise a mechanism which will ensure uniform rates throughout the country. He added that the APMC Acts needs to be amended.

However, Ram Vilas Paswan added that the PM has initiated many new schemes like Rozgar Yojana, Adarsh Gram Yojana, Swatchata Abhiyan etc. These projects and schemes will help win the confidence for BJP.