Published On : Fri, Jun 13th, 2014

Tiger skin or Dog skin? recovered from Naik tank

Nagpur News:

Nagpur Municipal Corporation sanitary workers while cleaning the area near Naik tank came across animal hide and informed Pachpaoli police. Pachpaoli police came to the spot and seized the hide and called forest department staff. It is surmised by police that the hide belongs to a one-year-old tiger cub.

As the leg portion of the hide has a hole, it is further presumed that the tiger cub might have been shot in the leg.

When Wild Life Warden, Kundan Hate was queried he said that at present nothing could be said until laboratory report is received.

It was quite amusing scene when police personnel were seen handling the skin and without laboratory examination claiming it as tiger skin.

Nagpur Today also had chance to look at the skin and by experience and observing pattern of skin, Nagpur Today’s comment is that most likely, the skin is that of German Shepherd dog and it has been coloured just to sell it off as tiger skin.

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