Published On : Sat, Jun 4th, 2016

Thought Provoking : Why Nagpur media heaped praise on Pak High Commissioner Abdul Basit!

Pakistan-High-Commissioner-Abdul-BasitNagpur: That Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit is in Nagpur is no big deal but the way he is being given attention and appreciation is quite ‘shocking suprise’! Agreed, being a noble host, Nagpur has in its right to accord red carpet welcome to the guest but equally important is to gauge the intent of that guest!

It is equally surprising that few of the media houses, particularly so called famed Journalist failed on this count!
Have they forgotten that it is the same Abdul Basit who has in the past praised, endorsed and recently given clean chit to JeM Chief Masood Azhar in view of recent Pathankot attacks.

Can we forget that this is same Abdul Basit who leaves no oppotunity to shame India when its comes to J&K issue. It is the same person who invited the so called Freedom fighters of Kashmir and gave more importance to them in presence of our Ministers during the celebration of National Day of Pakistan.

Do we forget that it is him only who denied visa to Indian actor Anupam Kher.

The list is just endless!

Coming back to the point, he was in Nagpur on Friday attending a media house seminar. That could be harmonious gesture but why him? Why he was been provided a platform in a City which is HQ to RSS. Though he didnt spew venom on the occasion as he was cautious about the platform and the city while speaking.

More surprising is to see how Nagpur’s senior journalists have made a beeline to meet him on Friday. Meeting Abdul is not an issue but not questioning him regarding the issues that are bothering the nation, certainly is! When country’s pride is at stake, people should not you make a relationship with someone for ‘short personal gains.’

After ‘Friday hangout’ with Basit, now it was turn to host a ” Private Party ” ( they called it Meet the Press ) on Saturday for selected few Journalist. WHY ?

Since Saturday morning there were murmuring going on in Whatapp groups of journalist which they call Elite Club of Journalists. Interestingly only selected few are part of this community. The trend is alarming in Nagpur – calling only those who maintains ‘borders’ and refrain from asking hard questions. Similar situation can be been seen in Meet the Press called by Politicians too now a days too. Some prefer to invite only electronic media and keep aside print media (leave us a part as we are New media which is nowhere counted lol ). In some events, mostly entertainment related, there are bouncers who are kept only to give entry to Press/Journalist who are in good book of the organizers. Its happening now very frequently in our city but what surprises us is that no one from Journalist fratenity raises voice against this discriminatory trend posing a big threat to future of journalism in Nagpur!

Instead of been united they can easily been seen pulling legs of each others , this is what has given courage to few.

At this point of time, nothing except Unity can be the solution! We should not encourage people who are anti national and who are looking for platform to have their way!

Recently when Kanhaiya issue was menacing the nation, selected media banned any of his coverage and still refrain from giving weightage to him! Guess similar treatment should have been meted out to Basit!