Published On : Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

This Festive Season Some Compelling Reasons Why Mithai Is Much Better Than Chocolates!

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So Diwali is round the corner and you are planning on the gifts for your friends, business associates, clients and relatives.

Knowing your dilemmas, this is the very time that international chocolate companies will flood TV channels showing recipients very delighted with getting box of chocolates instead of mithai. Painting mithai as being boring, passe and usual stuff that people are bored with. Also unhealthy, calorific and too sweet and sugary. Right?


Nothing could be further from the truth. We give you some very convincing reasons why Mithai is so much better, to gift, or to consume yourself instead of chocolates.

Mithai is fresher with all the goodness of just-made home made stuff. Imagine when chocolates are made, packed, transported, stored and displayed in shops (not even in refrigerated containers) before we purchase them? On the other hand, as Haldiram Sitabaldi Mithai shop Manager Banwarilal Agrawal tells us ” during festive times specially we get fresh lots of mithai from our factory thrice a day each day so customers get only very fresh stuff. There is not even remote chance of yesterday’s production carried on for next day!”

There is a wide choice in Mithai. What are chocolates made of? Finally it is all Cocoa, milk and butter/fat. With some nuts, fruits added in some chocolates. But you have over 100 kinds of mithai available in Nagpur in any Haldiram shop. Then there are other mithaiwallahs with their own popular niche items. We are spoilt for choice. There is ‘Nagpur special’ mithai like Son rolls, Santra barfi etc., there is Rajasthani mithai, UP offerings (like Mathura pedha, malpoha, petha,) South Indian mithai like Mysore Pak, Kunda and finally Bengali sweets made of ‘chana’ (cottage cheese) mostly.

Mithai is healthier too. Yes, you read right. Despite all the advertising stating advantages of eating chocolate, mithai is definitely healthier because you have it made from different raw material. There is mithai made from milk, but for those who don’t care for milk, there are also ‘sweets’ made from dals like chana dal – all mithai made from ‘besan’ – moong dal and the famous urad dal mithai, consumed specially in winters. You have mithai made from atta, rawa, coconut, dry fruits and even fresh fruit. Just think Coconut laddoos/barfi, kaju katli, badam katli, Gajar ka halwa, Agra ka petha made from the healthy lauki, and our own santra barfi. Now santra/ orange is combined with a number of other ingredients to give many varieties of mithai.

You have a wide price range to choose from. There is a price range of Rs.200/ to Rs. 1200/ to choose from so there is mithai for every pocket. If you are so inclined you can order even exclusive mithai not sold in their shops for special recipients! And it all comes in very attractive and creative packaging.

So look at it any which way. Mithai is a clear winner. Specially for us in Nagpur where Haldiram is located. Why go for stale, foreign stuff that is over priced too?