Published On : Thu, Nov 8th, 2012

Think before riding your new bike, Nagpur traffic cops may catch you unaware

Think before riding your new bike, Nagpur traffic cops may catch you unaware


Its caution bells for those who are heading towards the two-wheeler showroom for seeking delivery of new vehicle? The traffic police may impose a challan for taking the bikes out with temporary numbers. And if the registration is not done within a month, then there are strong chances that you may have to keep your vehicle parked at home. Of late, the problem seems to be troubling the buyers a lot. The prolonged documentation process between the Road Transport Office (RTO) and the vehicle dealers is said to be the reason behind the mess.

Both the RTO and dealers are at loggerheads, pointing fingers at each other for the inconvenience being caused to the buyers. However, the buyers seem to be at suffering end following this fight. Customers are of the view that when taking the unregistered vehicles to the streets is not permissible within the law then the dealers avoid delivering the vehicles without it. Ideally, vehicles should not be let out unless the documentation from both RTO and dealer is through.

As a matter of fact, most of the customers are not even aware of any such condition at the time of buying. Even the sellers could not come up with satisfactory explanation, when contacted in this regard.


Cashing on the opportunity

The vehicle dealers have reaped rich benefits in view of the ongoing festive season, continuing with their selling spree. They just keep on selling only to keep the sale figures flourishing. On the other hand, it takes over a month to get the registration number owing to the heavy rush of applications at RTO. This adds to the woes of end users especially when they are caught at the traffic signal. The dealers should clearly furnish the information to the buyers. However, the same is not followed in letter and spirit.


Inviting the action

More recently, the traffic department launched a massive drive citywide and booked those riding their two wheelers with temporary numbers. This has also upset the showroom owners. Even the Regional Transport Officer Sarjerao Shelke had called upon an emergency meeting of the vehicle dealers to sort out the issue. It was directed to the RTO to clear the process within three days of receiving the requisition while the dealers were instructed not to deliver the vehicles without registration. The things appeared pacifying then but still the solution seems to be nowhere in sight. The showroom owners are running the show on their free will while the buyers keep on suffering.

Speaking to Nagpur Today, traffic police inspector Avinash More said that the department knows well what to do if anybody found to be having a ride without following the rules. He alleged that the dealers are only concerned about boosting their business. He appealed that the customers ought to realize this fact and should not accept the vehicles without registration. The matter has been of due concern in view of rising crime incidents, most of which were committed with the use of vehicles without numbers. It is even observed in most of the cases that the dealers have not deposited the required fees to the RTO.


Blame Game Continues…

Most of the buyers complain that the dealers hold back the documentation process even if a single paper is missing from their submission. More often, the showroom workers do not detail about the documents to be submitted, failing which the process gets withheld. While the RTO official Sarjerao Shelke said that dealers do not provide necessary documents in time, which delays the procedure. He even indicated the time taken through e-payment of registration fees and insurance premiums. He said that more often the payment through online process gets delayed. As a result the registration remains withheld till the amount gets credited to the department’s account.

On the other hand the vehicle dealers train guns on the department for the fault. Most of them said that they usually provide the necessary papers on time but the delay is done on the part of RTO. The dealers said that there is no point in holding the vehicles back even after buyers have deposited the road tax. It is upon the road transport department to speed up the process of allotting numbers.