Published On : Thu, Jan 3rd, 2013

Thieves pilfer fuse box, cause power failure in Nandanvan

Nagpur News: The residents of Nandanvan area suffered power failure in the early hours of Thursday morning. SPANCO Junior Engineer Rahul Singh, sent to fix the problem by SPANCO after complaint calls from residents alerted the company about the problem, was shocked to find that all the fuse units within the fuse box of Poll No. 1- RN1 in the area had been expertly removed, presumably for the sake of the copper wiring inside.

The engineer then got in touch with Nandanvan Police. Police Inspector Pradip Atulkar investigated the spot and concluded that only someone with good knowledge of power equipment could have removed the units. Nandanvan Police have registered a case, and said that investigations are underway. “We are getting in touch with all the scrap dealers that we can, to see if the thief tries to sell the stolen copper”, said PI Atulkar.