Published On : Thu, May 22nd, 2014

Thieves on a looting spree, loot lakhs of booty from three flats and one office in Patrakar Sahniwas

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Shock waves gripped the journos of the city when thieves dared to break into three houses in the same building of Patrakar Sahniwas in the wee hours of Thursday the May 22, 2014. Neighbours noticed the broken locks at the main doors of the three houses and informed others. Patrakar Sahniwas, which is situated in the heart of the city near Maharajbagh Zoo, has a wide area and is considered safe by many. However, thieves proved this notion wrong and dared to loot lakhs of booty from the premises.

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Sources said that thieves broke into the house of Prakash Deshmukh, Dr R Nandekar, Pradeep Moitra and office of Jaidev Dhande. The Sitabuldi police, who were informed this morning, informed that robbers had succeeded in taking away gold ornaments weighing 28 tolas (280 grams) and Rs 50,000 in cash from the premises.

As per details, Prakash Deshmukh (62) had gone to Pune to visit his son with his wife after locking the house. Early in the morning of May 22, 2014, unidentified thieves broke the door lock and barged into the house situated at Building No. 1, Block No. B-1/9 and looted gold ornaments weighing 28 tolas and Rs 50,000 cash. After this successful robbery, thieves went towards the flat next door belonging to Pradeep Moitra, however, since the flat was empty, the thieves had to go empty handed. According to police, the house had been brought by Maitra from Ganguly family and thus it had nothing expensive kept in it. Moitra resides in another flat in the same building. Thieves tried to break open another flat but failed in their mission.

Their next destination was the flat of Dr R Nandekar. Dr Nandekar, who lives in the said flat only when he visits the city, was not present in the flat when the theft took place. The condition of the house states that the thieves had broken the lock of an iron trunk and almirah in search of valuables. However, the cops are clueless about the booty stolen from this house with absence of Dr Nandekar. Dr Nandekar, who runs a hospital in Narkhed will soon reach the city and cops will get exact amount of the booty stolen, from his house.

The looting spree of the thieves did not end here as they next headed towards office of Parmatma Structure Ltd. The company deals with the buying-selling of farm lands. The Company Director Jaidev Dhande informed the cops that when the domestic help Archana Wagh came for cleaning the office at around 9.30, she discovered the broken lock at the office door. She immediately entered the office and saw it in a mess with all the material lying shattered on the floor. She immediately informed Dhande about the case who in-turn informed the Sitabuldi police. Subsequently other thefts too came to fore during investigations.