Published On : Thu, May 24th, 2018

These Unconventional Science-Backed Tips and Tricks Will Help You Ace Any Competitive Exam

Just the thought of studying for a competitive exam can provoke different thoughts in any student’s mind. Preparing for an entrance exam is a tiresome process which involves sitting in the same spot for hours, flipping pages and struggling to memorise the syllabus. These boring and monotonous study methods have been going on since ages and are often considered as the best ways to learn. However, there exists no scientific proof that these methods are successful.

Here is a list of some unconventional science-backed tips and tricks that will get a student sure-shot success if they are preparing to ace competitive entrance exams like NEET or IIT-JEE:

  1. Indulge in Physical Activities

Indulging in a bit of exercise every day not only helps in staying fit and healthy but also helps in improving memory. A little bit of cardio along with some light exercises is advisable. You can even walk short distances instead of driving or taking local transport. Furthermore, while studying, you should take breaks and walk around for some time to refresh your mind. Taking small breaks during long study hours helps in keeping stress at bay, and make you feel more active when you resume studying.

  1. Take Online Classes

Online classes take away the pressure from you to keep up with other students in a physical environment and allow you to learn things at your own pace. Some concepts and study materials which are easy for you to understand may be difficult for other students. This is because each one of you has different capabilities and skills. Taking online classes also ensures comfort and avoids the hassle of travelling, which saves up a lot of time.

  1. Switch Up Study Locations

Most of you have a location that you might have designated to study. However, as per science, changing locations is an effective way to enhance retention power. By choosing for more study spots within a restricted area will give your brain the refreshment it requires, and it will end up holding more information and knowledge than you have ever imagined. So, when you are preparing for any of the upcoming competitive exams, avoid studying at one place for a long time.

  1. Shuffle Between Subjects

You should avoid studying a single subject for a long duration. This method is not only boring but will also prove to be non-productive in the long run. Instead, you should divide time table evenly between different subjects and also take short breaks in between. This strategy lets the brain stay attentive, which is impossible if you keep looking at the same study material repeatedly.

  1. Group Study Sessions

One of the most effective ways to enhance your memory is by not learning just to complete the syllabus but with the motive of remembering it for long. Organizing group study sessions with your friends will not only add value to their learning but also to yours. Group sessions are great for revision as they help you understand and memorise the subject better.

  1. Break Long Sessions

Rather than struggling too hard to finish the entire syllabus in one go, break it up into small parts and cover it over a specific period of time. You can start preparing a few weeks before the exam instead of pulling an all-nighter a day before the examination. Doing this, you will not bombard your brain with too much information at one time.

  1. Take a Break from Technology

It’s crucial to give your eyes some rest when studying for an extended period of time. Take a break from all your gadgets and switch to handwritten notes instead. Constant staring at mobile phones or laptops not only causes strain on the eyes but also minimizes the reading speed. So, keep switching to either textbooks or handwritten notes to give your eyes the rest they need.

Lastly, you must have faith in yourself and your preparation. Ensure that you follow the above tips and tricks throughout the year, to avoid last minute rush and stress. You should continuously tell yourself ” I Can, I Will”.

All the best!