Published On : Sat, Nov 23rd, 2013

Then Octroi Post… Now Seller’s Paradise


Interesting Change for ‘Chungi’…
As you cross through many such octroi posts on the city outskirts, there are chances you may be treated with pleasant change that automatically takes over chungi naka (toll booth).

No…We are not here to discuss the same question again – How LBT is fetching over the good old octroi that was abolished for the sake of former? Pointless to comment how good or bad was octroi as it’s already gone and LBT has taken over. Here we got one more interesting dimension to it. The octroi posts that were left useless after the introduction of LBT are now relived as colorful den of sellers. Some of the booths that were abandoned have now become the high venue for vendors like the one shown in the picture.

Some of the vendors have completely occupied the space and might be extending heartily thanks to the civic authorities for paving way for their sale venue.

These octroi posts have become ideal location for various road-side temporary vendors. Seen at one Octroi Check Post Kiosk which once hosted officials of Octroi department is now offering a place for Seat-Cover Vendor. He is seen using the facility there to vend his product.