Published On : Fri, Apr 1st, 2016

The Return of the Hawkers-Part-3

Burdi Hawkers (8)
: No! This is not a movie sequel. The hawkers of Sitabuldi area who were removed on the notice of the High Court by Nagpur Municipal Corporation on March 19, 2016 are back and the main market street seems to return back to its original looks with hawkers and vendors selling all kinds of goods on April 1, 2016.

Nagpur Municipal Commissioner undertook the encroachment removal drive on March 19, 2016 in order to implement the orders of the High Court of removing all hawkers from Sitabuldi Market. The Sitabuldi Main Road which looked deserted just 12 days back is now abounding with vendors selling cheap cloth, footwear, accessories etc with accompanied shouting of Lot Sale… etc.

The cops and the authorities of Municipal Corporation seem to be turning a blind eye towards the “Return of Hawkers.”

While speaking to Nagpur Today, some hawkers said that where will they go? They have not been relocated anywhere. One hawker named Prashant said that the schools will start soon and he has to pay the fees of his children. Where will he go to earn the money to pay the school fees? he asked.

Burdi Hawkers (7)
Another Hawker Arvind said that Hawking in Sitabuldi area can alone help him earn a decent livelihood and his family can eat that day. If he does not earn, the family will have to go hungry for the night. He also alleged that the NMC officials must have received a hefty bribe from the big shopkeepers who want us removed.

A young man named Shyam, who has been vending handkerchiefs and socks to meet the expenses of his school fees and books said that it appears that he will have to discontinue his education.

Burdi Hawkers

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Pics by Amol Gajbhiye