Published On : Fri, Apr 1st, 2016

Executive Engineer of NMC punches Private Contractor

IMG-20160401-WA0013Nagpur: While on hand, the unholy nexus between officials and contractors of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) seems to witness newer methods of corruptions every day, a large group of contractors allege officials of NMC demanding heftier bribes to get their bills cleared.

In a fresh case that came to fore, a Private Contractor Shiv Shankar Ghoratkar was allegedly punched on the face by Executive Engineer of NMC S Neral drawing blood.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Private Contractor undertaking contract works under the company’s name Dwarka Construction Shiv Shankar Ghoratkar had undertaken some construction job for NMC on contract. The Bill for the construction work that he undertook was pending for the past 3-4 days.

When Shiv Shankar Ghoratkar had approached Executive Engineer of Nagpur Municipal Corporation S Neral to clear his bill, S Neral is alleged to have demanded 1% or 2% as bribe to clear the bill. At this Shiv Shankar Ghoratkar is alleged to have said that he could not earn even a decent amount in the contract that he undertook so will not be in a position to pay any bribe. At this Executive Engineer of Nagpur Municipal Corporation S Neral is alleged to have stated that the work was bogus and not adhering to the requirements and threw the bill file at his face.

Contractor Shiv Shankar Ghoratkar then submitted the bill through the dak i.e. inward mail. He also registered a complaint with NMC Contractor’s Association about the unjustified demands of the Executive Engineer and his rude behavior.

On April 1, 2016, when Shiv Shankar Ghoratkar again went to Executive Engineer of Nagpur Municipal Corporation S Neral to get his bill cleared, S Neral is alleged to have scolded Shiv Shankar Ghoratkar for complaining to Contractors’ Association. He also shouted at him with abusive and vulgar language. When Shiv Shankar Ghoratkar objected to this behavior, Neral had allegedly punched Shiv Shankar Ghoratkar on the left side of the face drawing blood.

Shiv Shankar Ghoratkar then went to Sadar Police Station to lodge a complaint against the Executive Engineer S Neral. The cops had taken the contractor Shiv Shankar Ghoratkar to get a medical examination done.

Till the time of filing the story, the complaint of Shiv Shankar Ghoratkar was being registered by the cops of Sadar Police Station.