Published On : Mon, Jul 15th, 2019

Online advertising vs. Offline advertising


Advertising is a way to connect users with a product or a service. Promoting a product demands us to communicate with the users in such a way that they understand its specification easily and will buy it.

So, to promote their products, companies try different methods of advertisements. And in this process of experiments of advertising, these two ways are the only ones.

  1. Online advertising.
  2. Offline advertising.

What is online advertising?

Online advertising is the king of the advertisements in this era. As we know, due to increased technology, it has become far more comfortable to reach the other side of the world within seconds.

So, indeed, this method of advertising plays a vital in promoting a product or services in a world where our demands do not depend on the needs but based on advertisements.

Websites full of reviews, pictures full of likes are like a cherry on the cake. If a product succeeds to get maximum reviews and like then automatically its demand rises. While browsing the internet, we find a lot of advertisement pop-ups and banners which advertise some product or service such as online which attracts our attention

Social media is the best platform to advertise a product and increase its demand in the market. Other than that website, affiliate marketing, advertising pop-ups, etc. also help a lot to promote products and services.

What is offline advertising?

Offline advertising is a method which cannot be replaced by online advertisement completely. Even in the era of social media and online ad, there are still some people who believe and consider offline advertising.

This method came into existence when nobody knew about online platforms. Or you can say the online world did not exist. Advertising of a product or service was done by individuals themselves by television, radio, magazines, newspaper, etc.

A sale of the product purely depends on the person who promoted it as they may be some famous personality whose public would believe and follow their words. Still today, many people would buy a product referring to their ideal figure.

Difference between online and offline advertising:

  • Online advertising:

Online advertising is easy to handle and gives the product a more significant number of public views.

  1. It reduces labor work, time, and money.
  2. Helps the public to consider a vast amount of options posted by the users. Nowadays, consumers mostly prefer to watch videos that advertise the specifications of the products such as the best
  3. It reaches to long distance quickly.
  4. It is a bit time taking to understand and use for the public who belong

to labor groups and uneducated.

  • Offline advertising:
  1. Offline advertising is time taking and requires time to get a more significant number of

Users for the product.

  1. It requires human resources, time, and is a bit costly than online advertising.
  2. Consumers don’t get to refer original reviews by the users.
  3. To advertise a product or service to long distance requires time and money


  1. It helps the public who are uneducated to understand a product and service

Quickly, as they mostly prefer televisions and radios.


Which way of advertising is best?

After a long study and looking after several facts, indeed online advertising is the best method to promote a product or service in this advanced century as it reduces workforce, money, and time. It also provides a more significant number of public views and opinions.

But still, nothing can completely stop offline advertisements as it always has its group of the public to refer to it even.