Published On : Mon, May 20th, 2013
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The “Jija-Sala” Mikky Bakshi, Sunil Bhatia fail to get rid of themselves from vicious circle

Apartment where Sunil Bhatia leaves

Nagpur News: Even though the tell tale of rivalry between “Jija-Sala” (Brother-in-laws) was anyhow brought to end with a amicable solution, a new terrible self-invited problem has knocked the doors  of “sala.”  At present the “sala” has been running from one corner of the city to another to save himself from police who, under pressure, have been searching him since past many days. It seems both “Jija-Sala” are in the grip of Lord Shani as both are in one difficulty or the other. And the outcome is the near and dear ones of both are becoming victims of the vicious circle.

According to reliable sources, the “Jija” Mikky Bakshi, allegedly blamed for a betting suicide of a person in a land deal, was sent to jail. However, it is said, Mikky had no connection with the episode. But it was a hot topic of discussion that the person Ganesh Mate, who committed suicide, had a tiff with Mikky before the suicide incident. And the hard-core rivals of Mikky in the land business created such a hot atmosphere that the Nagpur police, who came under tremendous pressure, had no choice but to arrest Mikky and send him to jail.

And most important, or say, unfortunate aspect of the incident was that Mikky own “Sala” (Brother-in-law) Sunil Bhatia got himself activated and was hell bent to destroy his sister’s Sweet Home by his dirty actions. He connived with the active rivals of Mikky and spent a bounty of money to incite not only Mikky’s rivals, but his supporters, too. However, slowly and steadily the difficult time passed, Mikky got associated with expert advisers and good friends which helped dilute the case against Mikky. On the other hand, Sunil Bhatia’s game, too, slipped from his hands. The situation came to such a pass that  the son of Ganesh Mate, who committed suicide, apprised a minister from the Nagpur district, every detail minutely behind his father committing suicide. In turn, the minister too dug up information regarding activities of Sunil Bhatia. The minister immediately assumed that Sunil Bhatia was a paper tiger.

The minister, sensing the delicate situation, allowed Mate’s son to shake hands with Mikky but on a condition that Mikky would have to pay a seven figure amount as the compensation for the loss. Accordingly, the son of Ganesh Mate, received over 60 per cent of amount from Mikky immediately as per the strategy. On the other hand, Sunil Bhatia was forced to compromise his bitter stand against Mikky and, accordingly, Sunil Bhatia put his friendly had towards Mikky, and the rivalry was ended with an amicable solution. Mikky was released on a bail as soon as after “deal” with Mate’s son, and, “friendly atmosphere” between Sunil Bhatia and Mikky Baxi.

However, hardly a month had passed over “Jija” Mikky’s release from jail,  the “sala” Sunil Bhatia found himself in police net for carrying out his illegal business as some of bookies mentioned his name with a “honour.” Sunil Bhatia, too, thrived and prospered with leaps and bounds and became a rich person within a short time. He became  a messiah for those who needed him. Sunil Bhatia’s reach also crossed the doors of bigwigs in political parties and eminent advocates.

It may be recalled Sunil Bhatia cherished gambling from his childhood. In an incident few years ago, a few gamblers to whom Sunil Bhatia owned gambling money, took him away on Bhandara Road village and were on the verge of throwing him in a well, but the destiny saved him.

However, it is a well known fact that the police keep themselves dormant until water is u to neck dip but act tough when things go out of limits. They know everything beforehand.  According to sources, as soon as the Sunil Bhatia’s name was tossed up in the Spot-Fixing in IPL he was arrested immediately.

Former Ranji Trophy player Baburao Yadav of Nagpur has been detained and his interrogation is on. Yadav had introduced alleged fixer Sunil Bhatia (already arrested) to Rajasthan Royals player Ajit Chandila.