Published On : Wed, Mar 1st, 2017

Tehsil cops unite old woman with her Indore-based grandson

Tehsil police, after painstaking investigation and with the help of two social activists, succeeded in uniting a frail elderly woman with her Indore-based grandson.

The woman, Kamalabai Devilal Jaiswal (67), native of Indore (MP), was admitted to Mayo Hospital for treatment since the past one month. When asked about her residential address or names of her relatives, Kamalabai could not share any of the information. (It could not be verified as how Kamalabai came to Nagpur and who admitted her to Mayo Hospital).

The non-divulgence of concrete information put the Tehsil cops in dilemma as how to trace relatives of Kamalabai. The ‘blank’ cops later turned to two social activists, Chetan Meshram and Kedar Kishore Ambokar (of Malhar Group) working in Mayo Hospital. With the help of Whatsapp Group, Tehsil police constables Dilip, Sanjay, and NPC Harshdeep succeeded in tracing Kamalabai’s grandson Ashwin Surajsingh Jaiswal (25) of Indore. Ashwin was contacted and told about Kamalabai. He came to Nagpur and met Tehsil police. After verification, Kamalabai was united with her grandson.

The outstanding job done by Tehsil cops and the two social activists resulted in the old frail woman finally uniting with her dear one.